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Are you figuring out how to spot the best and legit essay writing services? Well, this article will be very useful. Today, we want to give you a guide on how to spot the best and also legit essay writing services. Unfortunately, no one factor can help you spot the best and legit service. You have to look at several factors to determine if a service is the best and legit or not. In our guide, we have identified six factors that will be very useful to you. These factors will clarify you why to get the best and legit essay writing services from

Six ways to spot the best and legit essay writings services

  • They can write in all style

Academic essays come in different types. For example, your teacher may need you to write a narrative essay. This type of essay will have the main character engaging with a given issue. An example of a narrative essay is an assignment that needs you to write a short story about an adventure. Expository writing is another style. This style requires a description and explanation of a given topic. Other styles include persuasive, argumentative, and analytical writing styles among others. The best and legit essay writing services should be able to handle all these writing styles. If they say they can only handle narrative essays, then, they cannot offer the best essay help.

  • Wide range of services

A wide range of services is another factor to consider on how to spot the best and legit essay writing services. First, check on the assignments they handle. The best essay service should handle all types of assignments. These include essays, project reports, reviews, proposals, and case studies among others. If they can handle some of these assignments, then, they are not the best. Second, check on subjects they handle. The best and legit essay wiring service will handle all subjects. They will have experts in every field. You can get this information from their websites. Third, they should offer other services such as editing and proofreading.

  • Professional essay writers

The best and legit essay writing services should have professional essay writers. Why would you seek the best essay help? Because you need help with your essay. Can you get the best help from just any writer? No, you can’t! What you need is an expert to help you. So, the best essay service should have professional essay writers. This is the only way you can be assured of getting quality help.

How would you know that they have the best professional essay writers? Check the requirements for writers. In other words, what do they check when hiring writers? The writers should have a degree as a minimum academic qualification. They should have writers in all fields. This ensures that your writer will have enough knowledge and experience to handle your paper. Also, the writers should have good writing skills. Check if they go through tests to prove their skills.


  • Several guarantees

Another tip on how to spot the best and legit essay writing services is checking guarantees. The best essay service should offer several guarantees. These guarantees include;

  • Timely delivery

When facing difficulties completing your essay, you can seek professional help online. Professional essay writers will deliver a high-quality paper. You can then use this work to produce a better paper. What happens if the essay service fails to deliver your work on time? You will not submit your paper before the deadline. This comes with some consequences. Most instructors penalize late submissions. This is the reason you need a reliable essay service. A service that delivers your work on time. If this is not a guarantee, look for another service.

  • Quality content

In academic essays, quality matters most. This is the reason a 500-words essay can score more than a 1000words essay. Although quantity matters, quality matters more. So, the best essay service should guarantee quality content.

  • High-quality work

To get good grades, you need more than quality content. The work should be properly structured, and formatted. It should be error-free. It should have a logical flow. It should have the number of required sources. If it has all these elements, that is high-quality work.

  • 100% originality

The best and legit essay writing services should guarantee originality. This would mean receiving plagiarism-free papers. If they can offer a plagiarism report, it is even better. This way, you can establish that the work is original.

  • Availability

Customer support should be available 24/7. This ensures that you can raise any issue at any time. If this is one of the guarantees, then, go ahead and place your order.

  • Free revisions

The best and legit essay writing services will offer free revisions. Just in case, the writer missed something, they should be able to make needed changes.

  • Money-back guarantee

If they can’t offer a money-back guarantee for poor work, run. They aren’t legit essay writing services. Continue with the search.

  • Privacy and confidentiality

The best and legit essay writing services will guarantee privacy and confidentiality.

  • Cost of services

The cost of services can help you spot the best and legit essay writing services. Affordable service is the best. Avoid services that offer extremely cheap services. Chances are that they don’t have the best English essays for sale. Some claim to offer the best essay writing service free. Free! How do they compensate their professional writers? A legit service will offer affordable services, not the best essay writing service free.

  • Reviews

Another way on how to spot the best and legit essay writing services is by reading reviews. What are customers saying about the service? If the reviews are positive, then, place your order. Few negative reviews shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. The best essay writing service reviews should include both positive and negative reviews. This suggests that the reviews are genuine. But positive reviews should be more. There are various ways through which you can find reviews. These include;

  • Online forums

You can find many reviews on essay writing services from student forums. Students tend to use these forums to share their experiences after placing their orders. This information will help know whether a company is reliable or not.

  • Trusted platforms

Some online platforms share reviews about essay writing services. Find such platforms and read the reviews. Get to see what people are saying about the service. Such platforms may include personal blogs.

  • Consult your friends

Most students use essay writing services. Start with your best friends. Don’t assume that they don’t seek professional essay writing services. Most likely they do. Ask them to tell you about an essay writing service. They may also refer you to their friend who uses the services.

  • Read the websites’ reviews

Most essay writing services post reviews on their websites. Read these reviews and see what previous clients are saying.

  • Social media

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help review a service. Go through posts relating to an essay writing service. Read even the replies. This information will tell you how your selected company works.


Sometimes, you will need help with your assignments. Don’t shy away from seeking help. This is the reason essay writing services exist. To help you handle any assignment with ease. Remember getting better grades will help achieve your academic goals. It will also help you live a better life. For example, if you get better grades, you will be able to pursue your career dream. This is one of the best ways to live a better life. But not every essay service will give you high-quality service. If you’re not careful enough you’ll find yourself working with unprofessional writers.

To avoid this, start by researching an essay writing service. Our guide on how to spot the best and legit essay writing services can be useful. We have identified six factors that will help identify the best service. This is the only way to ensure that your work is in good hands. Once you identify the best service, go ahead and place your order.


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