A COVID-19 questionnaire is a special form that can be used to identify potentially high-risk individuals carrying coronavirus. The questionnaire is relevant to different types of enterprises. It will help prevent the risk of spreading the disease in the context of large businesses and small companies.

The document contains questions that help detect people at risk. Experts recommend carrying out the survey not only among employees but also among customers. This will prevent the staff from contact with infected office visitors, which is important for maintaining a healthy environment among employees.

However, this does not mean that when potentially infected individuals are identified, all contact should be eliminated, all activities should be suspended, and communication with clients should be terminated. There is another option: employees perform tasks remotely, and meetings with customers, clients, and other stakeholders are conducted via video calls.

You can choose several options for making up a questionnaire. For example, you can compile it yourself or download it from the Internet. However, in this case, you will have to print out many pages or send the same form by email to all the employees. And now imagine how much time it will take to check those forms once they have been completed. However, there is a simpler option – use Pandadoc, which offers up-to-date templates and automated systems. Generating and mailing the form takes minimum time, and the answers received will be checked without your participation.

COVID-19 questionnaire template: how to use the form?

One of the advantages that the software features is the fact that it has a built-in COVID-19 questionnaire template and other documents. This means that you do not need to spend time creating a form from scratch. There is no need to search for questions, and check their relevance. All the required information is contained in the template. However, if you want, you can add to the form or delete some items.

The template is often compared to a form builder. You choose which elements you want and which you don’t. In addition, the developers have provided the ability to change the font, background color, add pictures, and company logo. This enables you to create documents in a unified corporate style.

To design the questionnaire, you need to perform the following actions:

  • install the software and create an account;
  • log in to your profile and open the main menu;
  • click on the button to generate a document;
  • fill in the form from scratch or select the template you are interested in;
  • enter the email of the persons to whom the form should be sent;
  • save the document and sign it with your digital signature;
  • send the questionnaire to the employees and wait for them to provide answers.

You can view the history of the document: when it was sent, who viewed it. For convenience, you can set up notifications. In this case, a message will appear at a certain point in time notifying you of the need to provide answers.

Pandadoc: up-to-date software for the task at hand

Pandadoc is software that is extremely user-friendly. This software is available free of charge, which is important in the initial stages of running the business. It will help you to simplify your paperwork and free up your time for more important tasks. Here you can find a sample of the COVID-19 form, as well as other templates, for instance, templates for contracts, timesheets, etc.

You can use the software to draw up reports, quotations, and statements of work, as well as to sign them with a digital signature. The documents are sent directly from Pandadoc, and if your counterparties do not have the software, you can send them a link to the document.