We’ve all watched movies about security cameras getting hacked and dire unforeseen situations arising because of it. Security cameras are a homeowner’s personal attempt to make sure that their sense of security is maintained. Kindness is in no way dead, but it’s definitely not always found in everyone. Everyone may have their reasons but nothing is worth intruding on an individual’s safe space.

There was a time when installing security cameras and opting for video surveillance for your home was considered over the top, expensive, and would undoubtedly attract a lot of opinions. But, in today’s world, with technology accessible to everyone at a reasonable price, not having a security system of sorts would seem too neglectful on a homeowner’s or businesses’ part. Intruders can strike when they’re least expected to and it’s better to have a plan of action in place that provides adequate protection.

Installing security cameras will help you in monitoring any movement on your property and stay alert of your security being compromised in any way. Especially when you leave your house and go on a vacation. Thieves and any kind of intruders choose to target a particular property when they know there is no one present at the said property in person. This gives them a better time frame. That’s why most breaches of authentication occur at workplaces after working hours. Hackers can easily tap into your security camera’s software and not just calculate their time of action, but also have the knowledge of every movement that you make, putting your privacy at risk.

Operating systems these days are not programmed to just alert the owners, but also to provide basic solutions with the alerts. These systems won’t just alert the owner but also the law enforcement officers. Knowing that if something goes wrong when you’re miles away from the situation, your security system will alert the concerned authorities and take necessary action is always a pleasant feeling.

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Advantages Of Installing Security Cameras at:


  • Helps in deterring criminals while they case the house and discover a security system. Relying on dummy cameras would be stupid.
  • Helping the police by providing high-definition footage of the criminal’s profile that will help them take a step closer to finding thieves and intruders.
  • You can always check in on your family when you’re away from home.
  • A big saviour when it comes to keeping an eye on your lovely pets.
  • Claim insurance with the help of recorded footage.


  • Increase overall safety as the frequency of crowd movement is high.
  • Help keep shoplifting and theft at bay.
  • Prevent any fraud that might take place inside the premises.
  • Avoid any attempts of vandalism.
  • Prevent ‘burglaries’ or help the authorities in catching these burglars.

Hacking In Today’s World:

There are a few reasons why hacking is attempted so frequently. Before we dig deeper into this concept, let’s first find out the true meaning of hacking:

The act of compromising digital devices and networks through unauthorised access to any account or computer system.”

This may surprise you but not all hacking is attempted with the intention of malice. In fact, there are professional hackers who do this for a living. These hackers are known as ‘white hat hackers. White hat hackers attempt to hack into the software of a security camera with the permission of the company and the owner of that surveillance equipment to find out if there are any vulnerable points present in the system that can help other hackers do the same. They report any hindrances and fix them. ‘Black hat haters’ are hackers who attempt to hack a surveillance system with the intent to gain something that is not rightfully theirs.

You may think that apart from knowing when to rob a house or a working space, what good can come out of hacking, let us tell you what can be their motive:

  • The need for high-powered processors will enable any hacker to use these processors as a tool to perform activities like bitcoin mining. Workplaces have such processors present to aid their cause and it can end up getting misused.
  • Hackers can access any confidential and sensitive data present in a company’s software. This can be done for numerous reasons. To extort money, to expose, to share information, etc.

Better Safe Than Sorry:

There are definitely some measures you can take to avoid your security cameras from getting hacked:

  • Keeping your camera’s firmware up to date can help deter hackers since hackers can attempt to bypass any anti-virus scans and embed the firmware of your device with malware, thus putting your software at risk.
  • Use better passwords. Enough of options like ‘xyz123’,’qwerty098’, and other such predictable passwords. Keep it unique with upper and lower case letters, signs, symbols, etc.
  • Use two-factor authentication to make sure that you have an added layer of security. This goes beyond just needing some credentials but helps you keep your data secure with the help of a backup credential that can be your saviour.
  • Make sure you update your devices regularly and leave no chance of vulnerabilities.
  • Do not share your credentials with anyone. Only the people who need them should have access. They can even have their own credentials to not cause any confusion.

There are many establishments that manufacture home alarm systems and business alarm systems. These places also provide home alarm installation and help sort out any queries. Whether it’s commercial or residential, security cameras are a necessity. Stay safe and make conscious choices!