The project management institute comes with a very innovative exam in the form of an agile certified practitioner or ACP exam which is based upon agile-based methodologies. This particular certification will always increase the job prospects of the people and people can indulge in the study of a wide range of principles as well as methodologies. The examination is not that much difficult and people can very easily clear and into the first try if they move with proper planning and following of different kinds of tips and tricks.


 Following are some of the very basic tips which the people need to follow so that they can clear PMI ACP certification in their first attempt:


1.     The people need to prepare and stick to a very good routine plan for a study that will help in providing the people with proper scheduling related advantages along with time management. The very basic task for the people is to formulate a very good routine study plan that will make sure the daily activities will be easily fulfilled because the preparation will always require near about 150 hours. Hence, people must go with the option of dividing their plan into 25 days and the last five days should be kept for revision and practice test so that one can efficiently prepare for the exam in 30 days.

2.     Reading out the handbook before starting the preparation is very much important and this particular handbook will be available on the official website of the PMI. This will include the foundational information that the people need to increase their chances of clearing the examination and up to maximum, it will take two hours to read this book.

3.     The people need to use the examination content outline to guide throughout and make sure that they have a complete list of tools and techniques that are important for the examination. People need to use this content outline to save from the extra rush of the study material and reference books and the best part is that people will always have proper access to the most relevant material that can be used in understanding and memorizing the things perfectly.

4.     Attending 21 Hours of ACP training is very much important for the people because this is one of the eligibility requirements. The concepts which people cannot comprehend during self-study can be easily understood over here and classroom training is considered to be a better option so that people can avail multiple advantages out of it. On the other hand, one can also go with the option of online training if the person is not a fast learner and wants to learn things at his or her own pace.

5.     It is important to refer to the exam preparation books referred by PMI because such books will be very much good in terms of enhancing the understanding of the people and will make sure that the right kind of material will be easily available.


 Hence, whenever people will follow all the above-mentioned tips and tricks they will be able to indulge in PMI ACP training perfectly and clear the examination on the very first attempt.  


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