Study Plan and Tips to Score High in Class 9 Math Exam


CBSE class 9 maths is a pretty important part of the higher school studies that establish the core fundamentals for class 10 and above. Thus it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of various topics studied in the class 9 maths syllabus. Since the class 9 maths syllabus is very basic, it is sufficient to revise and prepare with the NCERT textbook. Practicing NCERT solutions based on NCERT textbooks can also help students prepare for various competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiads. With maths NCERT solutions, class 9 students can also build the right approach for exams.

NCERT solutions for class 9 maths is a highly efficient and simple resource to prepare during exams. These solutions are an in-detailed complete guide that helps students to save a lot of exam time. Based on NCERT textbooks, these solutions effectively cover the entire syllabus with emphasis on important questions, formulas, and concepts.

There are different patterns and types of problems covered in these solutions that provide clear and precise knowledge of math concepts from an exam point of view. Cuemath provides the best NCERT solutions created by math experts to help students learn maths and excel in the math exam. Along with preparation through these study materials, it is important to do a well-planned study that enables kids to score well in exams. Here are some of the tips for students to score high in the class 9 math exam:

Follow NCERT Textbook

Try to prepare the entire maths syllabus by practicing each concept from each chapter of your NCERT math textbook. By practicing and revising with the NCERT textbooks, you can efficiently learn all the important topics and concepts. Additionally, you also get to know your weak areas to work on them.

Practice Efficiently

Solving problems and exercises is the only way to gain math proficiency. By practicing all the difficult topics, students can also understand all the complex concepts and topics. Try some of the online learning resources like math workbooks and NCERT solutions to implement the practice.

Memorize Important Formulas and Concepts

Learn important formulas, definitions, equations, etc., by writing them down in a separate notebook. Writing all the important formulas and other concepts is an excellent way to memorize them quickly.

Cover All Types and Patterns of Questions

Cover all patterns and types of questions by practicing exercises, examples, and problems at the end of each chapter in the textbook. Solving sample papers also provides preparation for different kinds of questions.

Learn Time Management

Solving mock tests or sample papers provides an efficient way to learn time management for exams. It is also an excellent means to improve speed and accuracy for better math learning. Time spent on each question is directly linked to better time management and performance in the exams.

Math Tricks to Save Time

Math tricks and tips are the shortcut ways to save time during exams. It is an excellent way to memorize some concepts or formulas. Create some sheets to remember these tricks or use sticky notes to revise them before exams. You can also use sticky notes for memorizing formulas and their solutions.

Take Expert Help

For scoring good marks in exams, it is necessary to ensure that you have a precise knowledge of the concepts and topics. Take additional help from school teachers or tuition teachers to understand any difficult concepts or clear your doubts. You can also try the Cuemath expert-led online classes to learn and revise maths quickly. It is one of the best math learning platforms that help students learn maths through interactive simulations and other math resources.


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