Ethical Hacking

Are you interested in technology, networking, and cybersecurity? If so, you might be aware of the recent developments taking place in the digital world. Looking at all these, why not consider ethical hacking as a carrier option in the first place?

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is the process of identifying the risks or possible vulnerabilities of their Systems/Servers through authorized hacking by the organization’s ethical hackers. Ethical hackers mitigate all the risks with proper updation of the security systems. And hence, eliminating all the possible vulnerabilities of their systems from external hackers. Hackers are mainly of two types

  • Black hat hackers( unethical hackers)
  • White hat hackers( ethical hackers)

Black hat hackers attack the government and companies’ computer systems with the purpose to steal and breach data for their personal or financial gain.

Whereas, white hat hackers, with the permission of the government and companies, attack the systems. They find out the weakness and loopholes and make their systems strong so that the black hat hackers will not attack the systems or take advantage of the loopholes.

Why are Ethical hackers in demand?

With the rate at which cyber crimes are increasing, every business organization and government agency is in need of ethical hackers. Any system, process, website, or device can be hacked easily by black hat hackers. Hence, protecting the department’s data is the biggest challenge faced by many organizations. Further, there is no fixed pattern or type for cyber attacks that can be recognized easily. Hence, the situation becomes tough. So, there is a need for ethical hackers to protect their data and the system. Hence, all these departments maintain their own ethical hackers to upgrade and protect the data and security systems. Because of this, the demand for ethical hackers is growing rapidly.

Stepping stones to becoming an ethical hacker

  • Start with Academics

Candidates with 12th grade in science can get into a career in ethical hacking, by pursuing an ethical hacking certification program from a reputed institute.

Any candidate with a basic degree in B.Sc, BCA, and B.Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology can also become an ethical hacker. Although, it is not necessary to have a particular educational background to become an ethical hacker. But still, having an academic background in a related field such as Information Technology, Computer Science, etc., will lay a foundation for your ethical hacking career.

Skills needed to become an ethical hacker

  • Programming languages and Operating Systems

Proficient knowledge of programming languages is required to become an ethical hacker, as it involves working on different systems. This will help you to implement security solutions where coding skills are required. The following programming languages will help you to get into ethical hacking

Java script

Structured Query Language (SQL)


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

Additionally, a thorough understanding of Operating systems like UNIX, LINUX, windows, and IOS will make you stand out in the field of ethical hacking.

  • Network and security

Basic knowledge of computer networks and security from basic to advanced levels such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Firewalls,  Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, and cryptography is required to become a good ethical hacker.

You should also consider gaining knowledge on several hacking concepts such as 

Penetration Testing, SQL Injection, Vulnerability assessment, and Cloud Computing malware.

  • Training Programs and Certifications

There are several resources like books and video tutorials from which you can gain knowledge. however, ethical hacking is a vast domain where in-depth knowledge of ethical hacking skills is required. Furthermore, practically implementing the concepts learned will make way for good carrier opportunities. And this can be achieved by pursuing an ethical hacking course from a reputed institute such as Henry Harvin.

After acquiring all the skills required for ethical hacking, getting certified is important as it adds credibility to your professional profile. Ethical hacking certification from a reputed institute will help you to get a job in big technology giants. Henry Harvin’s ethical hacking course is one such amazing certification program that you can pursue and become a certified ethical hacker(CEH). 

Scope of Ethical Hackers

The job levels are similar to other domains, you can start with entry-level jobs such as security specialist, security administrator, and security software developer and then become a specialist or get hands-on with Management roles. The scope of ethical hacking has spread its wings into different fields, like Web application hacking, System hacking, Webserver hacking, Wireless network hacking, Social engineering, etc. Many of the IT giants, like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and other organizations also have their own ethical hackers. 


In today’s era, cyber stealth and cyber theft are at the pinnacle. Hence, protection of the private data and personal information from hackers is everyone’s concern. Therefore, the demand for skilled ethical hackers is rapidly growing in the digital world.