Moving can be expensive, but you can make it cheap by renting the right moving van. More importantly, moving companies can help you make your move stress-free. Moving to NYC can be pretty challenging. So, if you have decided to DIY, you need to hire a moving van or moving truck. Read these 5 tips for renting a moving van in NYC and make your move hassle-free.

Tips for Renting a Moving Van in NYC

The below-given tips can help you rent the right moving van and make your move easy.

  1. Start Early

When you move for the first time, you don’t know how to calculate the actual volume of your move. You don’t know the number of boxes required and how much time will it take to pack goods? Moreover, without packing boxes, you can’t know the size of a van needed for a move. So, when you start packing boxes early, you’ll be in a better position to choose the can size according to your needs.

  1. Get the Packing Supplies

There are many types of packing boxes so ensure that you choose the right one according to your belongings. Some box types are China boxes, linen boxes, book boxes, and wardrobe boxes. All these boxes are designed to pack specific items.

You also need to purchase the packing tape and foam. There are multiple options for purchasing packing supplies. You can visit your local grocery store or buy them online. The number of boxes required depends on the luggage you have. Try to get boxes free from the book store.

  1. Check Hidden Expenses

When you decide to rent a moving van for a move, you can bargain the cost. Remember, you’ll also have to pay some additional costs. For example, you may need extra labor to load your luggage. Obviously, you’ll have to pay for helpers.

You might need to pay for insurance and parking tickets. On the other hand, when you hire movers, you don’t have to pay these costs. Parking in NYC is expensive and will cost you more than your expectations.

When you rent a moving van, you’re responsible if something is lost or gets broken during the move. In contrast, when you hire movers, they are bound to pay you money for the lost or broken items. Some renting companies offer insurance policies as well, so you can discuss them with them before finalizing a deal.

  1. Lack of Elevators Can be an Issue

Streets in NYC are narrow, and most apartments don’t have the facility of lifts or elevators, and it can be an issue for you when you plan a self-move. You can lift bulky items and climb the stairs unless you’re fully trained. In contrast, movers can help you lift bulkier items with ease.

When you decide to take the help of labor, it will add to the renting cost. Most helpers are not trained, so that they can damage your items as well. In such cases, you can hire a professionally trained person with experience in lifting heavy objects.

  1. Find the Best Route and Choose the Right Vehicle

Self-move is never easy because you have to consider many factors. For example, you need to find the best route from your existing location to a new location. In NYC, large vehicles and moving trucks are not allowed on highways.

When you choose the wrong route, you end up paying massive fines. On some routes, you’ll have to pay the toll price as well. So, before making any decision, it should be in your mind. Finally, the traffic can be a big challenge. Therefore, it’s crucial to decide the time of your move to avoid a rush.

When you decide to rent a van, there are many options. Ensure that you choose the best one. Some van rental companies are U-Haul and Penske, and they have locations all across NYC. Some private rental companies can help you rent a van. As mentioned at the start, you need to choose the van according to your needs. It can be a pickup, moving truck, and cargo van. Pick up the location near your home to reduce the fare.

Final Words

When you plan a self-move, you have to look for many things. One of the most important things is renting a van. Indeed, choosing the right van and route can help you save money. In contrast, a wrong decision will result in extra expenses that will increase the moving cost. More importantly, it will make your move stressful.

So, follow these tips and plan your move accordingly. Many renting companies can help you get the moving vans at the lowest price. So, be wise and make wise decisions to avoid stress and extra charges.


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