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5 Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Music Today

Promoting your music doesn’t have to be a difficult task. According to the music marketing manifesto, selling your music online is no different from selling anything else. To succeed, you need to: Drive traffic Generate leads Build genuine relationships Tap into what music lovers want Well, everyone looking to succeed in their career must apply […]

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How to sponsor on Instagram with a business account

With the introduction of business accounts, the way companies have sponsored their content on Instagram has also changed. Before the second half of 2016, the only way to promote an Instagram post was to go through Facebook ADS, then launching a sponsored post that would cover both social networks (if the accounts were linked). With the introduction of an […]

Facebook marketing
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What is Facebook marketing and how to use it for business?

Introduction Facebook has many users, around 2.85 billion. However, most Facebook users are on the platform only to stay connected to friends and family or to create community through groups and pages regarding specific topics, people, interests, and work. We are almost unaware that Facebook is a platform that approves ads and promotes business. Therefore, […]