Tips To Create a Real Estate PowerPoint Template with 7 Premium Templates

The competition in the market for valuable square meters is incredibly high. Buyers are “spoiled”, and the purchase decision is influenced by profit, prestige, location, neighbors, view, concept, layout, price, terms of sale, and many more factors. That is why a high-quality presentation of real estate for sale and search for investors is an effective mechanism for promoting a valuable asset.

The MasterBundles team has many specialists ready to share their experience in creating perfect presentations for almost any segment! In addition, in the article, we will tell you by what criteria you can choose ready-made templates and which sets can be taken as an instance of a successful design. And if you don’t have enough examples, you can always look at the marketplace and find some more superb options.

How to Make a Presentation Correctly?

So, first of all, always remember that the presentation is not only basic information about the object and a reflection of all the most attractive features but also a little interactivity. So forget about dry text and pictures! And based on the fact that a real estate PowerPoint presentation will serve as an ideal tool for mass marketing, you need to do it according to all the rules:

  1. Minimum text “water”. The text in the presentation is necessary, but the information should be presented as concisely as possible. It’s better to add another photo instead of a bulky block of text about the history of the house.
  2. The presentation should include several high-quality photographs of the object. The key word here is quality; photos should show the object from the best side, be catchy, and be appropriate.
  3. The colors of the chosen theme should match the colors of the photographs of the object.
  4. To display numbers or statistics, use charts and graphs, or infographics, rather than a plain text box. This will make the data easier to remember.

Also, when composing slides, keep in mind the need to cover all the key points. That is, the template must have a place for:

  • a concise description of the object;
  • quality photographs;
  • address of the object;
  • basic characteristics (floors, number & area of ​​premises, year of construction);
  • price policy;
  • contact details.

And, of course, it’s worth adding a few items that will resonate with the style of your company in order to increase brand awareness. Creating an ideal presentation from scratch will take a very long time, so it’s better to adapt ready-made basic templates. For example, on the MasterBundles marketplace, customers can find the extensive library of cool templates (link: 

How to Choose a Ready Real Estate PowerPoint Template?

In addition to stylish multi-purpose slide sets, designers also create highly specialized real estate PowerPoint templates. However, their abundance can easily confuse the customer. However, it’s possible to determine which option will be the ideal choice for your project, if you keep in mind the important parameters to check before buying a template:

  • template style — sometimes it happens that the overall design simply will not match the real estate type (for example, you shouldn’t choose minimalistic sets for the presentation of entertainment complexes);
  • number of slides — first make sure there are enough of them, and then check that the design is different for the most part of the pages;
  • the presence of different color themes — if the template is supported by 3-5 palettes, this will allow the customer to use it more fully.

And of course, make sure that the template has enough infographic objects to display statistical data, various interesting icons, and a drag-drop function for images. And finally, you should explore whether the marketplace where you found the template allows you to purchase an object for commercial use or not.

Ideal Real Estate PowerPoint Template: Seven Examples

So, the team found seven examples of great templates that are actively used to create real estate presentations. Some of them are more minimalistic, and some are bright and catchy – customers will definitely find a dream option or see how they can design their slides.

Huge Real Estate Presentation Bundle: 300 Slides

Remember we talked about the importance of the number of slides in a presentation? This bundle, consisting of 300 different pages, will satisfy the needs of the customer one hundred percent! With their help, it`ll be possible to arrange a presentation of a real estate object of almost any type.

Perfect Home Real Estate Presentation Template: 50 Slides

The cool combination of turquoise, blue and white in the main theme will please the eyes! In addition, alternative palettes (purple, pink, red, and yellow) can be selected to match the right shades for real estate photos. Fifty slides are highly customizable and have quite a few handy elements for displaying information.

Perfect Place Real Estate Presentation Template: 50 Slides

A bright template will immediately attract the attention of a potential client thanks to the accents. Slides contain a huge amount of space for text blocks and illustrations. The white background and black font provide excellent contrast, and color inserts make the template juicy.

Dream House Presentation Template: 50 Slides

Another template from the collection of mono-color sets! This presentation also has several alternative shade palettes for different tastes, as well as 50 slides in various formats. Some of them focus on text format and loud headlines, and some give 80% of the space to images of the object.

Real Estate Presentation Template: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

If you`re going to create a real estate presentation, then this option will come in handy. Incredibly stylish design, minimalistic slides (50 pieces), easy-to-read fonts and convenient object placeholders will make the experience of using this bundle very pleasant.

Hostel PowerPoint Presentation Template

Another type of real estate that is important to show in the presentation from the best side is hostels. And on the marketplace, there is a good template for this option too! Over fifty unique slides, each of which can be customized. Users can adjust colors very quickly as the palette changes with one click. 

Real Estate Dream Powerpoint Template

If your company presents properties that are positioned as “dream homes”, then this template will be the #1 choice. It has a great combination of colors, cool fonts, and eye-catching icons. Translucent text boxes that slightly overlap photo areas look stylish and save space on your slides.