Best Cybersecurity Business Ideas in 2021


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it” – Stephane Nappo.

Yes, this is the era of technology and the Internet, and we rely on this reliable source to store our data. But are these data safe? Well, not exactly. As the number of data increases, there is an immediate need to protect them wisely. Here is where the hot topic discussed in this article comes into the picture. Cybersecurity is really necessary to protect our information from data theft, hacks, security breaches, and other related cyber crimes.

What is cybersecurity, and why is it significant?

In this digital world, cyber-attacks are spreading faster than wildfire. The knowledge of cybersecurity helps us to protect our data efficiently. Cybersecurity is the method of safeguarding the networks, hardware and software, and data from the attacks of unauthorized parties.

Importance of cybersecurity

There are a diverse variety of data like our personal Information, industry-related information, health, and property-related data, which are prone to cyber thefts. So educating and bringing awareness among people is adequate to protect this information. penetration testing service

Technology is evolving day-by-day and our data is shared almost everywhere on social media. Our credit card passwords and account information are stored in Google drives or on any digital platform. Hacking can be learned by anyone nowadays through the internet, and we have to ensure data integrity by knowing the importance of cybersecurity.

Some common cyber attacks:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Denial of service attack
  • Man in the middle attack
  • DNS tunneling

The growth of experienced security professionals has been increasing in recent years. Technology provides space to grow business and earn profit from it as well as protect data. A report states, “The demand for cybersecurity jobs is expected to rise to 6 million globally.” There are a variety of options to look for when you decide to take up a cybersecurity business. Listed below are the top business ideas for 2021.

1. Application development security

Professionals skilled in technologies like application security code, DevsecOps, development security, and container security have a remarkable salary. They are expected to grow their functional areas over the next five years.

2. Cloud engineer

A cloud engineer oversees and maintains technological duties related to cloud computing ranging from management to maintenance. Constructing cloud-based storage to back up important documents of a company is the work of this cloud security Engineer.

3. Cyber Security consultant

Nowadays, government agencies and multinational companies look for security consultants to protect the data from cyber-attacks. A creative and technically sound cybersecurity consultant is responsible for preventing cyber attacks from hackers, illegal activists, or even from foreign governments. Moreover, Data Breach Lawyers at Keller Lenkner help clients get justice for cybercrime that is now on the rise and the catastrophe of it is alarming. These lawyers help to make successful law claims against companies that have neglected to protect data from hackers and fraudsters.

4. Threat response engineering consultant

Businesses are affected by malware to a larger extent. With the intrusion of computer viruses and other malicious software programs, business data is hacked. The task of a threat response engineering consultant is to refer solutions to clients and perform detailed analysis on malware affecting the business software. Wireshark and Ollydebug are some analytic tools that help to solve the client’s problems.

5. Forensics expert

Companies that are required to protect their computers, data storage devices, and other networks hire forensic experts. They are talented digital detectives who investigate and analyze the reason for the security breach. Knowledge of reverse engineering skills and forensics will help one to start this business.

6. Cryptographer

Cryptographers are responsible for testing ciphertexts, data encryptions, algorithm development, system security by encrypting sensitive data and mainly test for any hidden pieces of information in the security systems.

7. Information engineer

An information engineer analyzes networks to identify vulnerabilities and decrease breaches. Their task is to manage the storage and processing of records inside a corporation to ensure it is secure. Starting a business in this discipline requires proven experience.

8. Network architect

Network architects carry out computer networking and designing LANs, WANs, and other network communication systems. This is a pretty money-making commercial enterprise that you can start even as home-based.

9. Web penetration tester

In this field, you could be paid for hacking and checking vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications by enhancing the security measures of your network. A creative thinker and one who can pay attention to details by identifying flaws can easily get into penetration testing.

10. Vulnerability Researcher

A vulnerability researcher is a safety research engineer responsible for the research and evaluation of new exploits. The assignment of a vulnerability researcher can range from relying on the client.

However, duties often consist of reviewing, isolating, inspecting, and reverse-engineering prone or malicious programs to determine the nature of hazard the malicious software holds. A vulnerability researcher should have large information on various programming languages, as nicely as a journey with device security.


To prevent cybercrimes and to ensure safety, proper cybersecurity measures need to be practiced. The above ten cybersecurity business ideas provide better opportunities for any entrepreneurs who are willing to get into the cybersecurity business. And, if you want to read more tech-related content then, you can always refer to articles from TechyHost. They provide you the real hacks and solutions to your problems. And, share your opinion about this article in the comment section!


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