Is DevOps the right Career Path for you? Six Things you should keep in Mind!


Change is the only constant and considering the times we are living in, nothing is truer. We are highly dependent on technologies that are subject to change because applications and platforms are evolving at an unprecedented speed. In the last decade or so, the demand for DevOps and a consequent need for DevOps experts has seen the brighter side of the sun.

If you ever wonder that is DevOps the right career path for you, then here are the six things you should keep in mind to better understand the changing times and how you can keep up with the pace for a flourishing career.

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Here are the six things you should keep in mind if you are wondering that is DevOps is the right career path for you.

1. Rising Demand for Experts of DevOps

For those who are a part of the tech world or keep themselves updated on the same are already aware with the rising demand for experts of DevOps. It is one of the fields which is revolutionising software deployment and development in organizations by ditching the conflicts between the operations and the development department.

With DevOps becoming a central part of the organization’s working, work is getting done at a faster pace without affecting the quality. Hence, better customer retention.

Thus, you will have a long career across many industries as you please. You will be able to take your pick and have a long-standing future in the field of DevOps.

2. Your KRA or Key Responsibility Areas

Every role comes with certain key responsibility areas and before you get delve deep into the field, it is advisable you get a peek into some of the things that you would be expected to do and carry out.

It is important to note that these are only certain bits of things and the job description would carry on much more things to be done.

→ Knowledge about application and working of multiple technologies and tools in software development

→ Knowledge of IT systems

→ Project management skills

→ Comfortable with deployment frequencies and higher testing

→ Data management experience

→ Production environment experience and knowledge

3. You will get a Steady Growth on a career path which is definite

If you are pestered by the question that is DevOps the right career path for you, then you need to know that growth in this field is unaccounted for. You will be able to grow and have a definite career path with the right training in DevOps.

You will need to get extensive knowledge about SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle and gain skills needed to survive in the field. Once you get hold of the various technologies and tools you will need to resolve and tame the development and operations departments of an organization, you can be certain of your growth and expansion.

Here is how your designation graph can look like!

Release Manager → DevOps Test Engineer → DevOps Cloud Engineer → DevOps Architect

India has a great scope for DevOps experts and your salary bracket will be a lot better than one can initially calculate. All tech giants are always in search for certified and skilled experts in DevOps.

4. Technical Skills you will have to Polish to Build a Successful Career in DevOps

The only note-worthy prerequisite we can think of for you to start your journey in the field of DevOps is that you must be from a technical background and you should have a bachelor’s degree in either Computer Science or Information Technology.

→ You will have to have a deep understanding of Web Development fundamentals, Java fundamentals and Linux fundamentals

→ Knowledge of various DevOps automation tools such as continuous integration, continuous monitoring, continuous management, and continuous testing

→ Knowledge of the CI/ CD process

→ Knowledge about Infrastructure as Code (IAS) models to be able to solve deployment problems

5. What pinnacles of success can you touch with DevOps training?

There is not a single thing you will not be able to do or achieve as you unlock the answer to the question that is DevOps the right career path for you. With this list about the six things you should keep in mind, you will be able to go a long way in your career, all of which will take you to the one point which is extremely important – success.

You will be in one of the highest paying jobs in the country and your designations will be one of the best too.

6. How to Start your DevOps Journey?

You need to find the best DevOps training institute in the country to help you become the best in the field too. But you will not have to go far to find out the name because it is here!

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