How to Quickly Create Beautiful Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories

Are you looking for some quick tips and tricks of creating beautiful Instagram stories? Yes! You have hit the right place.

Beautiful design for Instagram stories is important for your followers to be more engaged and delighted. If you are looking to take the Instagram Stories design on next level and increase your reach by driving traffic to your presence on social media then you are in the right place.

Fortunately, anyone can build quality Instagram content with a little time, not just for your posts, but also for your Instagram grid. The design tips and tools are everything you need.

Right from some new and useful features to edit the tools, we are here to unearth some of the best Instagram Stories design hacks which would surely make your stories to stand out in the crowd.

Read on to learn creation of artistic, engaging and effective stories with the hacks below:

Create Rainbow text in the stories

It is no secret to create multicolored text in Instagram Story. Pick a tool, type all characters out, then choose each letter one by one and change the color. But it’s a lot easier to render rainbow email. Type into the text and emphasize it all to do it easily.

Then, click one thumb on a color choice near the left side to press and hold the gradient function. Then take one of the end cursors of the selected text and click and keep the other thumb. Drive off the two thumbs slowly to change colors automatically for individual characters.

Make use of Stories Template in Instagram

Stories Template in Instagram

To enhance design of the Instagram story, you can use pre-designed templates. The use of templates simplifies Instagram story creation as it deals with some of the most difficult design tasks. You should concentrate on the content by means of an advanced layout and not where it can be formatted. buy instagram followers

Since templates provide you with a visual guide using stock text and pictures, they help you see how your unique content looks without anything planned.

There must be consistency in the designs

A common mistake that marketers make with Instagram Stories is that the goal is to get as many people in every post as possible. The rationale is that a small proportion of them respond with some sort of action to the message.

You need to have at least seven interactions with the customers in compliance with the marketing rule of 7 before they feel secure with action on the bid.

While keeping consistent with the Instagram Story style, you will ensure that our followers remember it every time they see your story and become closer together.

Make use of consistent brand colors

Stories Template in Instagram

The color palette you want to use in your posts is another essential element in the design of Instagram Stories. It is important that your Instagram stories fit your overall brand colours for branding purposes. There are a few great reasons to choose if you don’t have consistent brand colours.

First, empirical research has been performed into how the use of colour will affect our audience’s actions. When creating marketing assets such as Instagram stories, that is important to remember.

The researchers found that up to 90% of decisions taken on goods could be based on colour alone in a survey called Effect of Colour on Marketing.

Pay attention to the Font Design

Font Design

Font pairing is an important feature of design that will separate your stories from the rest of the feed of your audience.

It’s a good time to review the fonts you’re using on your brand because you’re ready to take your Instagram Story template to the next stage. The companies offer you a huge range of fonts which fit your unique aesthetic. All you need to do is explore them.

There are a couple of tried and tested rules that you can use for pairing two fonts.

  • Pair the hand-written fonts and the bold angular fonts.
  • Pair sans-serif fonts and the serif fonts.
  • Pair chunky sans-serif fonts and light-serif fonts.
  • Pair bold and light edition of the same font.

Don’t miss Instagram Story Design Animation


Video animation as well as gifs is a major trend in the design in 2020. Since people’s tastes are still evolving in our fast-paced world. When it comes to your Instagram posts, there’s a big fight for your perfect audience member’s attention.

You must be creative and proactive in applying new design trends in order to make sure that you come first. By publishing the same images style as others in your feeds, you can’t expect outstanding results. It is here that animation enters. In general, animation and motion graphics become effective means of expressing the most important messages creatively.

Final Thoughts

Now it’s your turn. In this article, we have explored some mind-blowing tips and tools and all you have to do it try them out and reach to us with your feedback.

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