Digital Transformation

The Role of the Internet of Things in Driving Digital Transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the mechanism of connecting real-world items such as computers, vehicles, machines, buildings, and other objects to one another and the Internet via different networking protocols. The...
The Hidden Dangers of Smart Home Devices:

The Hidden Dangers of Smart Home Devices: How to Stay Safe and Secure

Smart homes are common nowadays. Many people worldwide live in smart homes with smart devices, appliances, light switches, locks, security systems, etc. You control your whole smart home from your smartphone....
Future of IoT

The Future of IoT: Applications and Opportunities for Businesses and Consumers

One of the most popular terms regarding innovative technology is IoT. Most people who consider themselves tech-savvy geniuses can often throw this term around here and there. However, this is not...

How IoT is transforming Fleet management in 2023 and beyond

Innovations in digital technology have transformed fleet management like never before. Devices such as smart sensors, actuators, and more - enabled by IoT - are helping fleet operators achieve performance and...
IOT Platform

How to build your own IOT Platform: A Technical Guide

If you research "IoT platform" on Google, you will get about 190 million results in less than a second. This is the amount of dissemination that IoT (particularly IoT platforms) has...
Machine Learning

How IoT and Machine Learning Have Transformed Mobile App Development?

There have been rapid technological advancements where IoT and ML are two of the significant developments. Both IoT and Machine learning had a substantial revolutionary impact on industries where several prominent,...
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