A look at the top 5 IoT device types



These days, wherever we are using electronic devices or others most of them are made using the Internet Of Things (IOT) concept. Infact, we are mostly dependent on our smartphones to do a small amount of work and it can also reduce our effort to complete the task in a simple manner. The device which is using IOT communicates in a constant manner with other devices. They are used to collect the feedback not only from the wired devices but also from the wireless devices which follows IOT theory.

IOT devices are used to maintain the feedback and report particular data of the automated tools and the sensors. These IOT devices are used to communicate with the other devices which can be done in a matured manner. These devices will have some specific policies which have to be obeyed to use them in an easy manner and run easily. Those IOT devices are made using old infrastructure and integrate these things in a secure manner.

What are IOT devices?

IOT devices are the devices which come under the hardware like actuators, sensors, machines, appliances, or any electronic gadgets that are pre programmed for most of the applications and transfers the data throughout the network or internet area. These IOT devices are mostly used for the transporting, manufacturing, and using for several organizations which creates usage of the actuators, sensors, and other devices. These are used in several fields like agriculture, home essentials, connected cars, and many more. Some of the IOT devices are:

●  Google Home

Google Home is an IOT device which deals with the voice of a user and also includes touch controls in the application. Now-a-days most of the people are using Google Home in their houses. It is generally used to share the information back to the internet. It is also used to share the information to the internet to provide us with accurate data. Infact, you people are very well familiar with the smart speakers present in your houses. It also provides a voice assistant in which voice controls will be followed by the device to help the user. The virtual assistant which is used by Google is the best among others that makes the IOT device in a better manner.

● Healthcare devices

IoT devices are used for healthcare in order to cure the patients or people who are suffering or facing issues from something. These devices play a vital role in curing patients. Those are used to monitor the condition of the patients in their respective departments like nursing. That can be seen in the office of the doctor.

These devices are also used as a remote which helps doctors to access them in a simple and easy manner which can be seen in a maximum number of hospitals. Infact, smart watches are also used by the patients and the doctors to monitor the exact situation of the patient. These are also used to track the blood pressure, heart rate, and many more.

● Automated Cars

IOT devices are also used in the automated cars to make sure that the car drives on its own to reach the destination of its owner or human. They are more advanced compared to the other cars which are not automated. These cars also offer us self driving cars in which there would be no need for any other person to drive the car. New model cars are unlocked by using a mobile phone itself and the whole vehicle is connected to the device using bluetooth. Also, the driver can use the car and drive anywhere and he can access it with a remote itself. And, the car automatically parks itself in a neat manner in the parking lot. If there is any problem occurring in the car, it directly gives the notification to the owners of the vehicle.

● Smart Locking

IOT devices are also used for the smart locking systems in which it protects security to the customer data or any personal things. Now-a-days, crimes are increasing day by day in which theft is one of the major things. To overcome these problems, a smart locking system is introduced to make sure that your things are kept in a secured manner. And, the access will be provided only to the owner of it. Infact, door locking plays a major role in the smart homes in which it automatically gets closed and opened with one touch of you by using your smartphone which has an application that deals with the smart locking system. These devices are connected using the internet in order to connect to the lock at any time or anywhere.

● Traffic Management

IOT devices are also used in the traffic management in order to show the people that when they have to walk, start, ready and stop. In traffic systems, there will be cameras which cover the footage of what has been done in the whole day. Also, traffic controls are being controlled by these IOT sensors and it also helps people to park their vehicles in a specific spot. If the vehicles are parked in a place, and something is happening there and your vehicle gets damaged, that will be noticed by these devices and send a notification alert to your smartphone. Also, CCTV footage will be transferred to the control department and they will be analyzing everything that is related to it.


In this blog, we have seen about the IOT devices and some of the IOT devices like Google Home, Healthcare devices, Automated cars, Smart Locking, and the Traffic Management. These IOT devices are nothing but our day to day essentials.

Without these we can’t imagine a day at least to live. So, everyone has to know

about these devices. If you want to know more about these IOT devices then IoT Applications blog may help you to improve your knowledge on IOT.