How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers?


Instagram is one of the top marketing platforms for almost all industries now. That is why you should know the best practices to use all of its features. Highlights are among the top features that you should know about.

Highlights help you engage more people with your profile to make it easy for your audiences. So, we will try to figure out the best methods to create highlight covers.

Why is a Highlight Cover Important?

Highlight covers are the first thing someone sees on this platform. So, the need for a good highlight cover remains. When you want to showcase your work, you can use these covers for better click-through. 

With such covers, people know that your content is worth it. At the same time, they can understand if it is the type of content they are looking for.

Different Types of Covers 

There are different types of covers that you can use for highlights. We will talk about different kinds of such covers. You can also try to Buy Instagram Followers UK for your content creation. So, make your content more valuable and credible with this purchase.


When you are making a cover, you should know what would best suit your content. With better incorporation of brand voice into the highlight, you can have better results.

You can try using the best aesthetic feelings people would love to have. So, try adding some beauty to the cover. 

Once you have a great aesthetical cover, you can try adding it to your highlight. You can try using text here as well. It would help your content creation process. So, use these.


A description is one of the best solutions that you can use for better highlights. If you are looking for a good descriptive cover, you are on the right track.

When you use a descriptive way to get results, you can make better covers. With such covers, people know what you are offering in content.


The use of consistency can help your brand have great recognition. So, if you are using certain types of colors in a post, you should make sure that it stays. 

So, try to keep a certain type of color on your covers every time you make a cover. This will allow you to have a better range of covers. This allows better help for your audiences.

Best Tools to Use

Certain tools can help you have better results in making such content. So, if you are looking to use some tools for your content, you can try these.


Canva is one of the best tools that you can use for graphic designing. Due to this use, you can utilize this one for better graphic beauty of your content. 

There are several types of dimensions that you can use with this software. So, use the best ones that suit your content.


Over is another graphic designing tool that you can use for your help. With better graphic design, you can have improved graphics of your highlights. 

So, try using this software for better and improved help. With these methods, you can have a great result. 

Final Thoughts

We talked about some of the top methods to have your highlight covers. We also talked about the best types of covers that you can use for your content.

We talked about some of the top beautiful covers that you can use. The use of cohesive designs, descriptive ones, and others can help. At the same time, there are some tools that you can use for this purpose. So, you can try using tools to make your content special.

Adeel Nazir is a professional writer with an immense passion for social media and 

content marketing. He is working at Social Followers UK. Social Followers takes the responsibility for getting you famous by letting you buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, and more. 


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