Is Data Science worthy of a successful career?

Career in Data science

Absolutely yes. In the present context, we can undoubtedly conclude that data science is one of the most sought-after professions. From high-paying job roles to job opportunities across the industry, there is so much happening in this field. And this is not just limited to India. The dynamism of data science is a global phenomenon.

From Tech moguls to SMEs, data science applications and use cases are growing exponentially, and so is the demand for data science professionals. Hence, it has triggered the demand for data science courses online.

Why is a career in data science a progressive opportunity?

  1. As per Analytics India Magazine, around 1400 data science professionals in India are earning more than INR 1 crore.
  2. Linkedin has identified the data science profession to be in high demand. There has been a 46% rise in job openings in this domain since 2019.
  3. It is also one of the highest-paying jobs. As per AmbitionBox, the median salary of a data science professional is around Rs. 10 lakh per annum.
  4. Data science is the technology of the future. As per World Economic Forum, data science will power future economies and will trigger a long-term transformation in the industry.
  5. There has been a 200% rise in the demand for data science professionals in the last few years.

Growing Demand

What is the primary reason you should be considering data science as a prospective career opportunity is because of the higher growth seen in this domain. Data science and data analysis will open up around 11 million new job opportunities by 2026.

India is the second largest source of data scientist activities after the US. All this has played a pivotal role in making data science a lucrative career opportunity for individuals. In 2021 and 2030, there will be a 36% rise in the field of data science. And so it will trigger the demand for data science professionals. Here are the top 5 countries to work as a data scientist:

  1. USA- Average Salary: $132,355 per annum
  2. Bengaluru, India- 12 lakh per annum
  3. Switzerland- Average Salary:180,000 Swiss Fr (Franc) to 200,000 Swiss Fr (Franc) per annum
  4. Germany- €11,000 to €114,155 per annum
  5. United Kingdom– £62,771 per annum

High-paying job

In addition to the growing demand for data scientists globally, it is also one of the most well-paying job roles. Certification in data science opens up different job roles for an individual. These are not only promising career opportunities but also one of the best-paying job roles.

Here is a quick look at the salary of data scientists along with their different job roles:

Data analyst

The role of a data analyst is to collect and analyse the data. They also review and evaluate it to derive useful insights. In order to ensure this, they perform several statistical calculations and use different tools. Also, they derive results or use them for making important business decisions.

Data engineers

They are responsible for developing systems that are efficient for collecting, store manages and analysing chunks of data. This information is then used by data scientists and mathematicians to derive trends and insights from it.

Median salary – $94,067

Data architect

They are  responsible for creating a system that is efficient in managing and organising data. A data architect will study the company’s plan to resolve a particular issue.

For this, they will construct a system that can use the information and present it in a manner such that it is easily understandable to data scientists and other specialists. Their core responsibility is to make the data available to those who need to process it.

Median salary– $118,499

Machine learning engineer –

As a part of the data science course, you are also required to study machine learning. They Are responsible for designing the architecture for AI programs and have to interact with a large volume of data.

They also work with other data scientists and programmers to create an artificial intelligence program that analyses the data particle, filters it and performs algorithmic calculations to figure out the meaningful information stored behind the data.

Median salary– $130,094

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

Any individual who wishes to make a career in data science should also be well acquainted with the responsibility of a data scientist. Their role is not just limited to data analysis and deriving insights or using data visualisation tools.

A data scientist also works as a bridge between the core team and the management. They are responsible for communicating the significance of data and the results derived from it. There are many more roles that a data scientist has to play and the next segment highlights the same:


A data scientist also has to play a role of a manager. They have to work in a team of data scientists. When all of them work together, they are able to derive useful insights and complete the job more efficiently. In addition, a data scientist also works in close association with the core management of the organisation.


They are responsible for planning implementation and assessing high-level statistical models, preparing strategies for their application and resolving complex business issues.

Strategy –

Another significant responsibility of a data scientist is to analyse the current trend in the market. Data science is an evolving field, and there are new changes taking place in his domain. Acquainting oneself with all the latest development is paramount to keeping oneself at par with the industry standard.

This is also eventually going to help the organisation attain its organisational goals and higher productivity.


As we have mentioned above, a data scientist does not have a solitary role. They work in collaboration with the team. Hence they should be able to communicate the obstacles and the findings to the relevant stakeholders and the management. Eventually, all this helps in boosting the performance of the organisation.


Sometimes, the data scientist also has to take up the role of a leader in the organisation. They have to explore new technologies and tools that will help in creating innovative data-driven insights that can eventually help the organisation grow and gain a competitive edge.

Highs and lows of data scientists’ job roles

The responsibility of a data scientist is not just limited to their core technical field but also non-technical aspects. Sometimes they have to work together with the team, and hence team management skills come into the picture. Similarly, when they have to communicate an idea or derive data-driven insights to the management or stakeholder, they should also take up the role of a manager. Hence there are certain highs and lows of working in this profile. These are highlighted below:

  1. One gets to learn about new technology
  2. It is one of the highest-paying job roles globally
  3. Career growth is progressive
  4. The role of a data scientist is not just limited to IT but traverses through different industries.

Some lows you might experience as a data scientist:

  1. You may be required to work on large data sets which are dynamically changing
  2. One needs to have an extra level of precision since one would be working on sensitive projects
  3. You may be required to work overtime to meet the project deadlines

But with all these pointers in consideration, the benefits of pursuing a course in data science online and certification in this field gives a massive boost to career growth and hence it is worth it all.

How to make a career as a data scientist?

With all the information mentioned here, we can conclude that data science is certainly a lucrative career opportunity. The massive growth that we will be witnessing in the next decade in this domain evidently shows that this is the next big thing. Hence pursuing a career by registering oneself for a data science course online is the best move.

There are several online course providers wherein you can enrol for the data science certification program, but before that you must filter the best course provider.

Eligibility for data scientist

If you are planning to enrol for the data science course online, then you should know about the eligibility. Usually, one needs to have a graduation degree in mathematics or statistics or computer science to be eligible to learn data science. There are online data science course for beginners, where you can join after completing your basic education.

Grow progressively with the data science certification course

The data science market is going to grow exponentially in the years to come. The technology finds widespread application and uses cases across different industrial domains. Individuals who are looking to make a positive start in their career should certainly enrol for the data science course online.

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