Top 5 Psychology Books You Must Read

Psychology Books

As a psychology student and as a person who is curious about how our minds function and what factors affect our choices, actions, and thoughts, I enjoy delving deeply into educational and treasure-like books that provide all the answers to these questions. Please check out our selection of the best 6 psychology books for high school students to read over the summer! We categorized the books according to reading level as well, so you are free to select the one that challenges you.

Remember that reading psychology books is not enough; knowing the concepts and putting them into practice in everyday situations will have a far greater influence on how you perceive your environment. This Psychology assignment help article is ideal if you’re a prospective psychology student searching for new psychology books to read!

Thinking Fast and Slow 

Trained as a psychologist and awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. This critically acclaimed book explores the dual nature of the human brain, the conscious and automatic minds and how they constantly struggle for dominance over your actions and behavior in various contexts. This psychology book is not for the faint of heart, but it will help you understand how mistakes in judgment, memory, and decision-making can arise due to things like halo effects. You will have a deep understanding of the consistently insane choices that people make daily after reading this.


The book is a collection of numerous short stories written by various writers, including one about antiquities experts who can identify a fake at a glance and how they appear to make decisions instantly. the capacity for non-conscious thought, or the automatic mental processes our minds generate from comparatively little data. Thanks to its quantity of relatable real-life examples, this book isn’t particularly difficult to read.  


This is the book to read if you want to help students change their behaviour or the behaviour of someone you know permanently and sustainably. Wilson discusses the most recent and frequently surprisingly surprising research on therapies and interventions that cause patients to change. It’s difficult to change behaviour permanently. Based on research, this book tells you what works and what doesn’t. 

Strangers to Ourselves

This book is for you if, after finishing Blink, you’re interested in learning more in-depth information about the unconscious mind. Take your time taking in all the information; it’s a more difficult read for beginners. The book offers valuable insights into understanding our unconscious selves and how to identify who, what, or how we are. It is based on important research.  

Stumbling on Happiness

It’s one of the simpler books to read. Authors apply cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and behavioural economics to practical issues. Why, for instance, are lovers more willing to overlook their partner’s adultery than they are to leave dirty dishes in the sink? The book, which explains how little we know about people’s hearts and minds, is written in a way that is accessible.

Made to Stick:

One more interesting and readable book. The authors outline the structure of concepts that grab readers’ interest, stick with them, and motivate them to act. The book looks at success and failure stories concepts that locate on and those that don’t. Since the book is the result of years of research, the writers have made it understandable and useful for readers. 

These are the best 6 books on psychology that you should read. You’ll notice that psychology is divided into numerous branches if you’re interested in the subject. Consider enrolling in our Introduction to Psychology course to learn more about the various subfields and the general psychology systems. This course is comparable to a tasting menu in that it gives you the chance to sample various aspects of different fields within this fascinating science and determine which ones capture your interest.  

There are still spots available in our psychology research program if you have taken a psychology course or have some prior knowledge of psychology and are interested in learning more about psychology and human behaviour. Using the knowledge gained from the Introductory Psychology course, the assignment help students understand all facets of psychology and uses research to explore areas of interest. The teacher will lead the class through an empirical analysis of recently published works in psychology.  


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