Idope Proxy is a search engine for torrents that operates similarly to Google. In terms of design, the entire user interface resembles Google’s SERP. Ki KickassTorrents had a big influence on the proprietor of Idope (commonly abbreviated KAT). He created this site for torrent fans when KAT was shut down.

In reality, the tagline “A dedication to Kickass torrent” can be found under the Idope logo.

This torrent search engine collects torrent files from various websites using complex search algorithms, APIs, and Web Scraping. You may look for movies, music, TV series, anime, software, apps, and books, among other things.

Two links to recent torrents and the most popular torrents can be found on the website’s homepage. Following a search, it displays very precise and quick results based on the query. Unfortunately, it does not have an autosuggestion option. You’ll find areas like video, movies, TV series, music games, and so on, similar to Google.

The iDope Proxy & Mirror Sites List of 2022

S. No. iDope Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
1 idope Proxy 1 Online Very Fast
2 iDope roxy 2 Online Very Fast
3 iDope Proxy 3 Online Very Fast
4 iDope Proxy 4 Online Very Fast
5 iDope Proxy 5 Online Very Fast
6 iDope Proxy 6 Online Very Fast
7 iDope Proxy 7 Online Very Fast
8 iDope Proxy 8 Online Very Fast
9 iDope Proxy 9 Online Very Fast
10 Online Very Fast
11 Online Very Fast
12 Online Very Fast
13 Online Very Fast
14 Online Very Fast
15 Online Very Fast
16 Online Very Fast
17 Online Very Fast
18 Online Very Fast
19 ZalmosProxy Online Very Fast
20 US Proxy  Online Very Fast
21 Online Very Fast


URL Status
Unblock Online Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Online Online
Proxy of Online
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Many countries prohibit residents from directly accessing this site. As a result, if you try to access this site from those areas, you will be unable to do so.

To unblock the IDope website, there are numerous IDope proxy and mirror sites.

Alternatives sites of Idope Proxy:

  • The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is widely regarded as the best torrent site on the internet; in fact, the Pirate Bay is the king of all torrent sites. This is without a doubt the best torrent site anyone has ever visited in their life.

  • Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents need no introduction; this site is the best on the internet in its own right. You can read our earlier article on kickass torrents proxy unblocked, and please leave us your essential input.

  • 1337x Torrents

1337x, another prominent torrent tracker is one of the greatest alternatives to the Idope torrent websites. This renowned website allows you to download anything you require. You can also read our 1337x proxy unblocked torrent article on our website.

Why did Idope Torrent get Banned?

As you may be aware, the Idope torrent site has been entertaining us all for quite some time, and it is a wonderful site. On the site, you can find anything you want. On the site, you will be able to download the most recently published movies and songs.

This site has frequently broken the content copyright regulation enforced by law enforcement authorities all over the world in order to provide the greatest content as soon as possible. This website has been found breaking the law numerous times.

Because this site has been found to be in violation of the law, it has been blocked from accessing the Idope site’s parent domain.

There are strong standards in place and enforced to ensure that the original producer of content receives their due compensation. However, sharing any content without the authorization of the content’s owner is a serious crime.

The government has banned the Idope torrent tracker website because it has been found on many occasions infringing content copyright policies.

How to Unblock Idope Website?

Idope is blocked in countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Portugal, and India, etc. If you belong to any of these countries, then you can’t access the site directly.

I’ll show you how to unblock the Idope proxy torrent site on your computer:

  • Use of VPN

First and most reliable technique of unblocking Idope on your computer is to use VPN software. While you are online, a reliable VPN can shield you from dangerous adverts and trackers.

Once you’ve connected to your network using VPN software, you’ll be completely anonymous, and you won’t be tracked by the government. After that, you can go to any restricted website you choose.

The VPN will provide you with complete freedom to safely browse Idope proxy sites. You can get a premium VPN, which always includes dedicated torrent servers. As a result, when utilizing a VPN on the machine, you will obtain a great torrent downloading speed.

  • Use of TOR browser

TOR (The Onion Router) is regarded as one of the most secure browsers available. This is the same as any other browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. The TOR browser, on the other hand, comes with a built-in proxy network that safeguards your privacy. Your IP address is changed each time you visit a website, making you anonymous. It’s more difficult to track your online activity in this location.

The TOR browser is an open-source Onion project that focuses on the user’s privacy and anonymity. You can do whatever you want with this browser.

  • Use a browser proxy extension.

You’ve probably heard of the Zenmate browser plugin. This is a fantastic utility that operates almost identically to the system’s VPN. In order to use the browser extension, you must first install it.

When the extension is in use, you can switch servers connected to it, and you can safely browse through it.

If you can’t access a website you want, for example, you can connect to a different server, which will allow you access to the site rapidly. A premium subscription may be required for the Zenmate browser plugin.

  • DNS unblocking

The DNS unblocking method is very effective and widely used since it always works. You don’t have to go through much trouble with this strategy; all you need are the ideal DNS settings that work for you. You can download the DNS configuration form and use it on your system. You may simply access any restricted site on your system after using your new DNS settings.

  • Clear Your Web Browser Cache

This is one of the simplest and quickest methods for resolving the problem. Websites may temporarily ban users for a variety of reasons. They save some additional information in the browser’s cache memory to detect the same users.

To provide a better user experience, each website you visit retains some information (if necessary). eCommerce companies such as Amazon employ this strategy. If you look for a product but do not purchase it, you will see advertisements on various websites.

The problem can be solved by clearing cache memory. So give this strategy a shot.

Another option is to temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall software (if applicable). Some websites are blocked by this type of software.


In this article, I’ve listed the unblocked Idope proxy sites as well as the best Idope proxied site alternatives. These are some of the most reliable Idope Proxy and Mirror sites. If you are unable to access the official IDope website in your country, you can use the techniques listed above.

Disclaimer:  We do not in any way support movie piracy. All of you are kindly asked to only view movies and web series via their official applications and websites. We keep reminding everyone that downloading or streaming movies and TV shows from piracy websites is wrong and against the law. strongly opposes the piracy of web series and movies and kindly asks all of its users to watch them on the original platform or in a theater.


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