Why Are Online Pokies The Most Popular Gambling Game In New Zealand?

Online pokies are incredibly popular worldwide, but New Zealand is home to a fanatical crowd of slot lovers. Here’s what you should know.

Online Pokies & New Zealand: Understanding The Infatuation

If you walk into any land-based casino in New Zealand or log into any available online venue, you’ll find countless online pokies. These games are by far the single most popular casino gaming category in the country. New Zealanders are passionate about their pokies and with excellent reason. Slot games have the name “pokies” in this corner of the world, used to refer to any slot machine. However, those living in other parts of the globe typically aren’t familiar with this expression and often associate it with video poker games.

Pokies are synonymous with slots, and this game has had a long and celebrated history in New Zealand. Countless gambling venues across the country would not have operated profitably if it hadn’t been for these games. Mobile slot games generate the most significant percentage of profits for casinos. Consequently, there are numerous reasons why players cannot stop playing them. Here is an in-depth look at what these games offer players and why they’re so famous.

A Brief History Of Online Pokies: How It All Began

Several decades ago, the gambling scene in New Zealand looked nothing like today. Back then, players could only choose between three-reel and classic pokie games. Those three-reel games were games that provided players with a rudimentary form of stepper-type reels.

In other words, these games didn’t offer any bonus features or bonus games. As far as gaming excitement went, seeing a wild multiplier spinning was about everything one could expect. If the multiplier helped form a winning combination, players would receive an increased payment from the matching symbols and multiplier.

When it came to the playing format and structure, three-reel and classic pokies were available only as rapid-fire slots. Since there were no bonus features or games, one couldn’t do much else than continue firing off one spin after the other. Consequently, punters would go through countless spins in a short time.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can usually find these types of online pokies in some venues. Regardless, punters have always been more interested in better playing games. The goal for most people is to have excitement and entertainment when playing these titles, and modern video pokies deliver on both of these fronts.

The Video Pokie Revolution

Video pokes were a natural next step in the evolution of pokie machines. As physical slot machines started becoming more complex and advanced, they soon began incorporating more electronics. Eventually, video screens became an integral part of these machines, featuring electromechanical reels. These wheels presented game creators with an opportunity for a particularly significant leap forward, as they were now able to offer players more different playing structures.

The majority of online video pokies nowadays typically have five reels. These games come with different options, including any number of fixed or optional paylines with numerous stakes per spin. Additionally, since these games are so popular, countless players enjoy them on their smartphones and tablets.

Since New Zealand is such a popular market in the industry, countless heavy-hitters offer their services to the region’s slot lovers. We especially liked Bet It All Casino for its unique games, transparent terms and conditions, and exceptional mobile friendliness. Playing the latest pokies at a reliable casino is excellent, but it’s even better when you can access the game via your mobile device. We recommend checking out this casino if you’re looking for a safe place to enjoy pokies.

Regardless, the main reason why these games quickly gained such a cult following in this part of the world is straightforward. Players can trigger one or more bonus games and additional game features that increase the potential winning payouts. Compared to the base games, these payouts are much higher and more rewarding. This difference between online pokies and physical machines is the leading cause why Kiwis love their slot games.

Understanding Slots

The bonus games in slots exist in countless different forms. For instance, a player can play a set of free spins, or they can also spin a bonus wheel to discover what they’ve won. Regardless, every online slot game features one of three possible variances. These aspects of each game are there by design and have different implications for players.

If you observe a low variance game, you’ll notice that this game usually awards players with a higher number of small-valued winning payouts. Additionally, this game also awards bonus rounds more frequently than other titles.

On the other hand, medium variance video slots are in-between the two extremes. Consequently, these games provide punters with a mix of low-to-medium-valued winning payouts. However, high variance online pokies are famous for allowing players to land enormous amounts of cash relatively frequently.

Simultaneously, high variance video pokies also come with risks. These games typically do not award players lower-valued winning payouts since they “favor” awarding mega awards in either bonus rounds or base games.

What About Progressive Pokies?

At one time or another, most pokie players succumb to the temptation to play progressive slots. The defining characteristic of progressive slot games is that their jackpots can go as high as several hundred thousand, or even million USD/EUR/GBP.

On the one hand, progressive slots are exciting and a preferred choice for most punters. Then again, the progressive jackpot comes from a network of slots across different casinos and players who feed it with their losing stakes. Consequently, the chances of landing a winning progressive jackpot are minimal.

In other words, you’ll struggle to find progressive online pokies that have above-average payout percentages. There are numerous examples of online slots set to allow jackpots only when players play them with maximum stakes. Such games are expensive to play and can jeopardize one’s bankroll before one knows it.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of online slots in this part of the world is such that playing pokies is nearly a national pastime. The selection of games is massive when it comes to the types of pokies you can find. In addition to enormous land-based casinos, countless globally recognized online casino operators also call the New Zealand market home.

Therefore, whether you prefer Dead or Alive, Mega Moolah, Gonzo’s Quest, or Book of Dead, you’ll have numerous opportunities to play online pokies here. The future of these legendary games will likely see them evolving further to include AI, VR, AR, and other technologies. For now, pokies are here to stay. As always, remember to exercise caution and gamble responsibly. Follow common sense and learn to take breaks after playing for a while. Good luck!


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