Why Silicones is Optimal for Efficient Foam Control

Foam Control

Foam control is an important part of several industries, including pharmaceuticals, recycling, chemical works, and even the food and drink industry. If you work in any of these or myriad other fields, you likely already know the importance of this process in keeping down material and infrastructural costs, improving the quality of products, and protecting the environment.

Specifically, because it is such an important process, it is of great importance that the materials used in carrying it out are the best available for use. Silicon-based products are the best choice for this endeavor. But what makes them superior to other products?

Advantages of Silicone in Foam Control

  • Defoaming and Antifoaming Agents

The first thing that one should consider when making such decisions is the nature of the job at hand. In this case, foam control can be seen as two different tasks; ridding the target of foam, or preventing more foam from rising in place of it. In some peculiar cases, it might even be of benefit to allow a certain measure of foam to form, and no more.

Here, silicone products shine, as they can be made to accomplish all of these functions depending on the need, whereas other products might not be useful in those cases. Many products are identified as either a defoaming or antifoaming agent, only achieving one of the two effects. As a bonus, silicone-based products also achieve this faster than others.

  • Cost-Effective

As one of the aims of foam control is saving costs, to begin with, being an inexpensive solution to that problem is almost as important as solving the problem itself. Once again, silicone emulsions fit the bill. Not only are the products reasonably priced in the market, but they are also efficient in low doses, ensuring value for your money. Add to this the fact that silicone products are both defoaming and antifoaming agents, and you’re spared the need to potentially double costs for products sold by 2 different manufacturers.

  • Easy Storage

Silicone is not volatile and as such can be stored safely, with minimal caretaking and for longer periods than some other products. This also plays into being cost-effective as they can be bought and stored in large quantities relatively cheaply and well ahead of time.

  • Ease of Use

Both as a combination of the other advantages and as a point on its own, Silicone products can also boast of the ease of use they bring, especially in dispersal. Whatever the medium or use, silicone products can also be adapted to specifications, making them versatile and more desirable in environments that might operate in more than one industry. Many niche products already exist for just that reason.

Where to Find High-Quality Silicone-based Foam-Control Products

So, where can you find these silicone-based foam control products and more besides? Elkem is a world leader in material solutions, with a focus on facilitating sustainable improvement in many different areas of industry. This company has a wide range of silicone-based foam control solutions, as well as educational and informative material to help aid your choice from their line.


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