Top SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

SEO Techniques

Do you think that SEO techniques are changing at a rapid speed? Not just that, Google is getting more powerful in analyzing web pages to make them more relevant for people.

You know the basics, but you don’t know how to take your organic search to the next level. At the initial stage, you have learned things like creating optimized content, meta tags, and keyword research. However, there is more to SEO techniques that can drive organic traffic to your website.

You need advanced techniques that can enhance the performance of your website. So, let’s get deeper into the topic and learn the essential SEO techniques to boost your organic traffic.

SEO Techniques You Should Use In 2021

As you advance in 2021, you should know how you can increase organic traffic using SEO tactics. If you can implement the techniques, you are working to improve the traffic as well as the visibility of your site.

Improve the Website’s User Experience

The objective of the search engine is to find the most relevant answer to a customer’s query. If you are unable to provide the appropriate answers, the search engine won’t display your website on the front page.

That’s where you need to think about optimizing your website for SEO. If your website is trustworthy, fast loading, and updated, users are likely to spend more time. Thus, you have gained a customer and a potential conversion. With such strong engagement, Google will push your website to the first page.

Creating a Content Strategy with Keyword Gap Analysis

Creating new content and optimizing existing content come when you are creating a content strategy. While optimizing or creating content, you need to make a thorough content plan. For that, it would be best if you conduct a Keyword gap analysis.

With WMS SERP tool, you will be able to analyze what keywords your competitors use to rank their website, and you don’t. By gaining information from there, you will be able to create content using those keywords and make your site perform better.

Using PPC Testing to Improve the Organic Click-Through Rate

You have to optimize your website for Click-Through Rate. It will determine your site’s ranking on the search engine. Furthermore, you can optimize CTR through Meta descriptions and Title Tag.

Here the question arises, how would you know what meta description and title would bring the maximum CTR? The answer is via PPC testing. With PPC campaigns, you can get powerful information related to headings and phrases to help you write Meta descriptions and titles.

Here is how you can perform PPC testing:

  • Test with three different headlines while keeping the same Meta descriptions to identify the best title tag.
  • Test with three different Meta descriptions while keeping the headline or title tag the same to choose the best Meta description.

Rewrite the Meta Description and title tag until you receive a sufficient amount of clicks on your advertisement.

Creating a Portfolio of Diverse Backlinking

Links form a crucial part of SEO, even in 2021. However, you need to remember to use only quality links in your website or content. If you choose links from older and stable sites, your site will get better visibility compared to adding links from low domain sites.

Most of the time, smaller sites grow by linking from bigger sites. This way, you are diversifying your link profile and making sure that it should appear natural to SERPs. Furthermore, make sure you don’t only target the more significant sites. Some smaller sites also value and valuable content as they are niche-specific and responsive.

Optimizing for ‘People Also Ask’

To tackle the search engine, you need to play smartly with Singapore SEO techniques. It’s time to work past the ten blue links and utilize more advanced features of SERPs. One such advanced feature is People Also Ask.

About 40 to 42 per cent of SERP percentage has increased because of People Also Ask for both mobile and desktop platforms, as reported by SEMrush Sensor.

Apart from that, PAA will help you remain at the top of the result page if you answer the questions customers usually ask.

Optimize for Image Search

Optimizing your website for image search can provide you with an excellent opportunity to improve your ranking. It will help you drive organic traffic to your website because visual search is on the rise.

How do you optimize an image for your site? You need to consider the below-mentioned points:

  • Host images on a CDN
  • Create an image sitemap
  • Reduce file size
  • Resize file
  • File names
  • Alt Tags

After optimizing the images, you can easily add and upload them wherever you want on your website and see the result.

Final Thoughts

SEO keeps evolving, and you need to evolve with it if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and improve your site’s performance. Therefore, it is essential to know the fundamentals of copywriting and content creation via keyword research to remain up-to-date. Also, things like site speed and backlinks affect the site’s overall performance.

Rankings, click-through rates, and engagement can bring significant organic traffic to your website. You cannot become an SEO expert in a day. This will require time and patience but never stop making efforts to learn SEO techniques.


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