Gambling Law Worldwide

Gambling has been accompanying mankind for almost forever. Historical records from every region mention betting on money and personal goods. People just like the thrill that comes with uncertainty about the outcome of a bet and the euphoria that comes with success. 

Craps was played thousands of years before the first online casino appeared, and now you can use Betwinner bonus code to win more. Of course, at first, games of chance did not bother anyone, but when a large part of society becomes interested in a given phenomenon, legal provisions appear that regulate it.

Gambling Law Worldwide

Today, gambling occurs in all regions of the world, but the law can be very vague. In some countries, land-based casinos are allowed, and internet gaming is prohibited. On the other hand, in a neighbouring country, anything can be allowed. 

A player can easily get confused in all this, and when travelling abroad, it is better to make sure of this issue because, in some regions breaking the gambling law can have very serious consequences.

Europe is one of the most divided regions

It was in Europe that the first casinos were established, and most of the popular gambling games were developed. 

Gambling law on the Old Continent is regulated mainly by internal provisions in the laws of specific countries. Therefore, when going abroad, it is worth checking carefully whether you can play in this way in a given country — especially when using an online casino.

Poland has one of the most stringent gambling laws, which are regulated by the Gambling Act of November 19, 2009. The most important amendment entered into force in 2017. 

It prohibits the organisation of sports betting and games of chance by entities that do not have a license from the Ministry of Finance. While sports betting is easier, in the case of games of chance on the Internet, the monopoly is held by one casino, which belongs to a state-owned company.


Other countries besides Poland that have similarly stringent laws in place to stop the spread of games of chance on the Internet are 

  • The Czech Republic
  • Ukraine
  • France
  • Iceland, and 
  • Switzerland.

After all, in most European countries, you can successfully play at online casinos. The largest markets come from Germany and the UK, where betting on the outcome is ingrained in the culture. 

In addition, games of chance are legal in 

  • Sweden
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Portugal 
  • Greece
  • Norway
  • Belgium, among others.

North America

Even though it is now believed that the USA has become the world centre of gambling, those times are long gone. 

Currently, the situation is very similar in Europe. In this case, the situation is even more complicated because gambling laws can vary depending on the state in which you reside. Of course, in some regions, you can still have fun with games of chance, but in others, gambling is prohibited in most states. 

Games Of Change And Sports Betting In Asia

Asia, in terms of gambling law, is worth dividing into two regions.


In Muslim countries, all forms of games of chance and betting are strictly prohibited. Therefore, while staying in countries such as: 

  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Pakistan or 
  • Bangladesh; 

Be careful because you can get into big trouble. It is worth noting, however, that there are some exceptions.


The further east, the closer the similarity to Europe. In some countries, such as Japan, online sports betting and land-based casinos are allowed. On the other hand, online games of chance are prohibited. 

Gambling is completely banned in Singapore and only sports betting is allowed in Taiwan. Vietnam allows you to play in land-based casinos, but only for foreigners. South Korea and Malaysia, as in Poland, have their own casino, where they allow you to play and allow you to bet on sports.

The Asian country where you need to be most careful is China. This huge country mostly prohibits all forms of gambling, but like the United Arab Emirates there are exceptions.

South America

It is one of the most affordable regions in the world where gambling is widely available and legal. The exceptions are Brazil and Chile, where it is only allowed to play online if foreign operators do it. The most restrictive is Ecuador, where gambling is completely forbidden. As for the rest of the countries, you can have fun with games of chance and sports betting everywhere.


In Africa, as you might expect, the situation is unusual. In Muslim countries, it is better to avoid games of chance — even if the law does not explicitly specify gambling-related issues. African countries are still developing in the gaming sector, so most of them allow all forms of gaming, but certainly, in the next few decades, a lot will change in this matter. 

The largest gambling markets in Africa are 

  • Egypt
  • Kenya 
  • Uganda
  • Morocco
  • South Africa
  • Ghana, and 
  • Cameroon. 

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you always check carefully what the law is because unknowingly breaking it can be fraught with consequences.

Legally Eligible Age For Gaming And Betting

In addition to the availability of games of chance, it is worth paying attention to the age that entitles you to such fun. It turns out that “adulthood” is interpreted differently in different regions. 

For example, in the UK, you can bet on sports from 16, but games of chance are only available from 18. In the US, you can play from age 21, but at 16, you can play bingo and participate in lotteries.

Each country may have different age laws, which is always worth checking if someone is old enough to question their “adulthood” in some way.