How Are Super Apps Ruling The Market And Becoming Trend Among The People?


Right from mobile phones introduced to the market for the first time till now, their usage has never decreased till the current time. It is because many applications are available to overcome the challenges we face in our lives. Moreover, businesses have digitized to the extent that it has covered almost all our requirements.

As per resources, the use of smartphones has been bolstered by 20% before the pandemic, which is approximately an increment of four and half hours of usage of normal users. As our requirements change with time, the apps have also been updated accordingly. The newly arrived are the super apps that have disrupted the mobile app market.

In this post, you will get some insights into Super Apps, why they have become a trend among users, well-established multi-service companies, and Gojek’s business and revenue model as well. In the past few years, multi-service platforms have created a great buzz among people.

So, entrepreneurs immediately need to transform their business into super apps to meet the requirements of people. But do they mean?

What Does Super App Stand For?

A Super App is a platform that can aggregate different market segments into a single solution and allows vendors to provide a range of services to users.  Alongside, they can put their venture into flux by remotely handling the various components of their enterprise fluently and can accomplish the tedious tasks easily using an application.

Aside from vendors, users are also benefited significantly since they have access to multiple services under one roof and can complete their tasks in a short period of time. The following are some of the services people can receive by utilizing these solutions:

  • Banking Service
  • Cab-booking Service
  • Meal Ordering Service
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Home Services
  • Appointment Reservation

Along with receiving the services mentioned above and many others, apart from that, they also get several other features which help them in gaining the desired service quite easily as compared with a traditional offline business. This might be a cause resulting in the initiation of the multi-service trend among users. Alongside different competitors, Gojek earned massive fame across Southeast Asia, so what is it? Is described in the below section.

What is Gojek? And Which Are its Different Verticals:

Due to significant demand among people across multiple locations, multi-service solutions are on the rise. Especially in the Southeast Asian region, Gojek has acquired almost the entire multi-service market now what it is, and its different verticals are stated below:

It is a South East Asian Giant offering a plethora of advantages to users. The company was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2010 by Kevin Aluwi, Nadiem Makarim, and Michaelangelo Moran. Initially, the company started its venture by providing courier delivery and 2-wheel ride-hailing services.

Further, by performing certain advancements, it started giving numerous benefits and is running a venture in eight countries. Also, there are various verticals of Gojek that offers different services. Those are mentioned as follows:

GoPay – It allows users to perform cashless transactions by scanning QR codes and other different online methods.

GoRide – The customers can gain ride-hailing services of 2-wheelers at any time by booking the time slot and entering the pick-up location into an app.

GoCar – Similar to Go-Ride,  it allows users to receive ride-hailing service of cars.

GoBlue Bird – People can get bluebird cabs which charge an amount according to metered prices of distance.

GoFood – It offers the users with meal ordering services. It also has a sub-division in serving dishes through offline food courts in different areas.

GoMart – A supermarket platform that allows customers to buy daily groceries and Essentials.

GoShop – It delivers the items not listed in Go-Mart.

GoSend – The consumers can send couriers with no distance limitations applied.

GoBox – It is a vertical that allows sending heavy goods through trucks.

GoTix – This allows users to book tickets for entertainment shows.

GoMed – It helps people to get medicines delivered to their homes.

GoMassage – Consumers can book personal massage services through this vertical.

GoClean – A house cleaning service provided by a particular vertical.

Although Gojek has successfully grown into one of the oldest players in the multi-service market, the reason behind this is its business model, so let’s know the various strategies mentioned below.

Business Model:

The business model of Gojek is based on three stakeholders: customers, merchants, and providers. All of them receive smooth execution of functions internally. The customers register and finalize the particular service. As soon as the store owner receives the order, he prepares it and then sends a delivery request to the delivery partners. If they are available to dispatch consumer’s orders, they pick them up from shops and give to customers at their preferred location.

Gojek Value Propositions:

Consider the value propositions of Gojek for its stakeholders mentioned below:


Multiple Services: The customers receive an online marketplace, which allows them to gain any benefits from plenty available to them.

Streamlined Reservations: By choosing the convenient method of payment by checking out and confirming an order, it eases the bookings of services for them.

Improved Customer Service: The consumer can get enhanced benefits by many aspects like shorter delivery duration, better quality, and many more.


Uncomplicated Registration: An application allows users to use their social media accounts to register as partners.

Adjustable Work Duration: As per their availability, providers can work during their free time.

Simpler Tracking: Providers can reach the consumer’s location without facing any issues using maps integrated inside the solution.


Enhanced Business Management: Using these applications, entrepreneurs can manage users, analyze earnings, generate sales reports, and can handle many other verticals of a business.

Receive Massive Base of Users: Due to higher preferences of people, vendors can gather a huge consumer base in a shorter time.

Enlarged Profit Margins: It is evident that an enterprise would become profitable enough as it gathers a larger audience using a platform.

Apart from this, there is a lot more to know about the Gojek business model and its working for entrepreneurs. Thus, they are willing to get their gojek clone script for ventures as they receive dual benefits of shifting enterprise online and getting followed the business strategy of Southeast Asian Player. Besides, it also generates significant revenue from its diversified channels mentioned in the following section.

How Does Gojek Generate Such a Huge Income?

Starting from one or two services, Gojek is now famous as a unicorn of Indonesia as it offers services related to every business sector in whole South East Asia. Moreover, it has diversified revenue channels that assist them in beating the market competition. Take a look at its various revenue streams:

Commission From Providers:

Partners need to pay some amount to Gojek as a part of its income source. In return, the firm gives certain advantages to partners as they can refer and earn; hence, the cost charged by the firm for its maintenance is acceptable.

Commission From Merchants:

Each time when a store owner completes an order or booking through Gojek, he or she must pay a meager amount on behalf of receiving a substantial user base.

Service Tax From Customers:

Consumers pay tax laid for every benefit they receive at their doorsteps. Also, organizations charge consumers as they offer different kinds of services to them.

Apart from knowing the revenue streams of the Southeast Asian giant, there are also some other reasons behind its rise, and they are described in an upcoming section.

Reasons Behind Super App Proliferation and Becoming Trend Among Users:

Being covered by epic demands of people from all over is not a normal thing at all. There might be some parameters playing a vital role behind the stage. So, let’s know several reasons behind an ongoing trend of super apps among users.

Unique Customer Segments:

There are numerous users willing to earn extra money in their free time. To fulfill such desires, super apps act as rays of hope for those who want to earn an additional income. It is possible due to its unique business model, which allows its stakeholders to generate significant income by receiving payment according to services delivered.

Later many users got attracted and started serving deliveries of numerous services, which helped these solutions to enhance their customer service delivery vertical. Hence, it becomes the crucial factor contributing to getting mass preferences of people for multi-service applications.

Unbanked Population:

As it’s not at all necessary that all merchants accept payment via credit/debit cards. There are countries where the majority of vendors allow making payments through multi-service solutions and avoid any other transactional methods. As per statistics, 73% of the population in Southeast Asia is unbanked.

Thus, multi-service applications came to the rescue for those users, and they can easily make payments using these solutions.


If convenience is considered, then multi-service platforms win the race. It is because users gain access to a vast range of services from a single stop and get them delivered in a few minutes. Besides, it also consumes less memory of their devices than individual service solutions.

Hence, as per the aforementioned reasons, the super apps deserve to get on a roll in the market. 

Bottom Line:

Hence, consumers choose to obtain services from a single platform that offers a wide range of options. It is because they want to avoid signing into different applications. The super apps arrived at the correct time, and soon users made it trending by adopting in a shorter time by bolstering its usage.

Very soon, the market recognized many multi-service solutions in a short period of time. It is due to strategies that benefitted the people and compelled them for its use. Therefore, as a startup owner, by incorporating the business and revenue strategies of renowned names in the super app market into your platform, you can propel your venture to the next level.