How do I fix the HP printer in an error state?


You recently bought a new HP printer, and it’s showing the error state? Yes, it is definitely troubling and confusing what brought your HP printer in an error state. We all know that HP printers are highly prominent for their efficient working and incredible features, but they might also face a few issues due to their technical nature. It is highly common in every other machine, and hence raising questions on HP printers quality would not be appropriate.

The best possible way to understand this would be to look at the possible reasons causing HP printers in an error state. Later we must also understand the methods that would help us bring the HP printer out of the error state. One must ensure to try and resolve the issue at home before reaching out to a repair shop or professionals and spending tons of money along with the required time for fixing.

The error state issue is not complicated until and unless you leave it unattended for a long time. Hence you must immediately work upon the same and get rid of it with a few simple and easy steps, as we have explained later.

Why is my HP printer in an error state?

The HP printer could be in the error state due to many reasons depending upon the condition or level of damage if any. However, as most customers and users acknowledged, the common reasons are only a few, as listed below.

  • You might have recently changed to your software or had a Windows update that might interfere with the printer and device connections.
  • The printing paper might be jammed in the tray due to crumbling or crushing.
  • The ink cartridges might not be original, causing the error state.
  • The ink levels might not be sufficient to print a document that gets the HP printer in an error state.
  • The outdated and corrupted drivers might also cause the HP printer in an error state.

How to get my HP printer out of the error state?

You may try the basic steps and methods before looking out for professional help. A few alternative solutions for the same are:

  1. Ensure stable and firm connections externally
  • You must ensure that your device and HP printer are both connected to a stable power supply and an efficient network.
  • See if there is any possible damage to the USB cable that is used for the connection and make alterations if needed.
  • The connection and communication between the device and the printer must be stable and smooth to avoid any physical interference.
  • See if the internet connection is constant and reconnect if not.
  • If you use the WPS pin for the wireless connection, you must make sure to use it within the first 10 seconds of generation or else it would invalidate.
  1. Keep the status of your HP printer online

It is important for the HP printer to be in the online mode for being able to print the necessary documents and carry out the print commands successfully.

  • For the same, you may go to the start menu of your device at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Control Panel option and go to the devices and printers alternative.
  • When you see the name of your HP printer amongst the others on the screen, you may click on the same and move to the printer menu at the top.
  • See if the ‘Use printer offline’ option is unchecked to ensure the online status.
  • If not, you may do so and bring back the printer to work efficiently in the online mode.
  1. Basic setup must be in the right manner
  • The printing paper must not be crushed or crumbled even when in an entire stack.
  • Load the paper with care in the tray and make sure they are fresh.
  • The ink cartridges must be original as they might cause the HP printer in an error state.
  • When you give a print command, you must ensure that the ink levels are sufficient to print the same.
  1. Verify original and updated printer drivers

The printer drivers are one of the most important elements for any printer’s proper functioning. Hence you must ensure they are well updated to work with the present conditions. If not, you may update them from the HP official website or with the help of the CD that comes along with the printer.

We have listed all the possible handy solutions to bring the HP printer out of an error state. On the off chance, if you still have queries or unsolved problems, you may contact the HP official executives through the contact details mentioned on their official webpage.


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