ID Document Verification- An Ideal Way of Preventing Identity Fraud

ID Document Verification
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The modern world is suffering from identity theft problems. The use of abducted identities and identity documents are directly linked to multiple fraudulent activities such as finical frauds, human trafficking, selling drugs illegally, money laundering, and financing terrorist organizations. Advance technology has come up with multiple opportunities for businesses for their protection against identity fraud. But the fraudsters are becoming more innovative and are employing enhanced technology in response to the advanced identity document security checks the businesses are obliged to adopt. 

The fintech industry and other online businesses are facing numerous challenges to ensure document checks. However, the SaaS providers have come up with technology-assisted online identity document verification solutions which are quite effective and fruitful for businesses.

What is Document Fraud?

The fraudsters and terrorists tend to use both forged or original identity documents and traveling documents to carry out their illicit activities such as illegal immigration, money laundering, and accessing age-restricted services is referred to as document fraud. The technology advancement has opened the gateways and opportunities for the fraudsters by which they can easily gain access to the document or can replicate them with high accuracy which can be noticed through the human eye.

Types of Illegal documents

  • Pseudo documents

 Such documents which are not officially issued by the government by having an original ID are referred to as pseudo documents. Such documents are completely fake which lack important characteristics including special ink and hologram/rainbow patterns.

  • Counterfeit documents

The fraudster tends to replicate the government-issued documents to manipulate the system without legal authorization is termed counterfeit documents

  • Forged documents

The criminal activity makes changes in the original stolen documents to carry out their activities. Usually, minor alterations are done e.g changing the photo which resembles another person.

How are False Documents Sourced?

  • Snatching

The fraudster intently  stoles the physical copies of identity documents from the victims to sell them on the dark web worldwide

  • Hacking

The criminal activists breach the database of the large corporates and businesses and obtain the pictures or scanned copies of the identity documents and sell them via the dark web

  • Purchasing 

The fraudster buys the picture or the physical copies of the identity document of the needy victims by giving them a handsome amount of money

The Need Of ID Document Verification Services

The number of identity document fraud cases is increasing exponentially. The business’s reputation is at stake. The customers are not finding the corporates trustworthy due to the insufficient security measures the corporates have adopted. The businesses are using traditional methods for verification of documents which give a home to the fraudsters manipulating the system to carry out their illicit activities. To avoid such suspicious situations and to narrow down the space for the fraudsters, technology-powered id document verification is a need of the hour for the business. 

The SaaS providers are innovating the traditional document verification procedure by using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, making it strong enough to give hard time to the fraudsters. Thus, an automated online document verification solution intends to reduce the staff cost and time of the business while increasing productivity by authenticating thousands of documents in a couple of seconds under human supervision. 

Key Features Of ID Document Verification Solution

  • Document Authentication 

The online document authentication services are capable of authenticating the customers’ provided identity documents. Through document checks, the document is matched with the templates of the government-issued document placed in the back office to validate its authenticity 

  • Information Extraction From The Documents

The personal information is extracted with the help of OCR technology integrated into the id document verification services from scanned copies or photos of the identity documents provided by the customer. This information is validated with the information which the user has input on the registration form.

  • MRZ Code Verification

AI-based document authentication services check MRZ (machine-readable zone) code authenticity to determine any kind of edits or tampering in the identity documents. The code is decoded to verify the information placed on the documents

  • Verifying Holograms And Rainbow Prints

The government places special kinds of holograms/rainbow prints in the documents which cant be replicated. The ID document verification determines the sign of modification or tempering of such prints to verify the identity documents

Benefits of AI-Powered Document Verification 

  • Reduce The Risk Of Onboarding Illegitimate Customers

As the number of identity fraud is increasing, customers’ identity verification is important for both the corporate and the customers. By employing AI document verification systems the business can eradicate the risk of onboarding the customers with theft identities by authenticating their ID documents. Through this procedure the customers’ possessing threat will be filtered out

  • Ensures The Right Candidate Gets The Job

Automated document verification services are beneficial for the recruiting companies who tend to hire applicants. This solution will authenticate the documents to verify the applicant, determining is he the right applicant or using someone else document to get the job


Summing it up, ID document verification is the best solution for online businesses to fight the rising number of identity fraud. This solution promises results with accuracy while reducing the risk of identity fraud. Therefore, online businesses are obliged to adopt online document verification within the system to onboard customers seamlessly.


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