What Are Topical DHT Blockers, and Do They Work?

DHT Blockers

To put it simply: when you’re looking into hair loss and how to stop it, DHT and DHT blockers pop up on every site.

What is DHT?

DHT—or scientifically known as Dihydrotestosterone—is a sex hormone affecting male pattern baldness. While the production of DHT may not affect every man, it does affect those whose genes make them disposed for balding.

The main difference between DHT and testosterone is that DHT binds longer, making it stronger and more impactful in certain bodily processes compared to testosterone.

DHT underwrites commonly attractive qualities in men, including a deep voice and thick, healthy hair. However, the overproduction of DHT results in hair loss, rather than overgrowth. When an excess of this sex hormone is produced, hair follicles shrink, causing hair to fall out, contributing to male pattern baldness.

Thicker hair has been a dream for many peoples since ancient times. Nowadays, it is not just a dream anymore. It’s possible to achieve fuller and thicker hair without the use of chemicals or surgery.

What Do Topical DHT Blockers Do?

A topical DHT blocker works to stop the overproduction of DHT, thus, stopping hair loss. While what you may want is to get your hair back, this process is one step at a time. The first stage is to stop the issue at hand, and this is where topical products can come in. Patience is key!

What Are Some Topical DHT Blockers on The Market?



If you’ve ever investigated hair loss and treatments, you’ve probably come across Minoxidil, also known as Regaine, more times than you can count. Regaine is a minoxidil-based lotion that needs to be rubbed on your scalp daily. best trt clinic

This over-the-counter topical medication comes in lotion or foam form. It also comes in two strengths: 2% or 5% minoxidil. It’s always best to speak with a physician about which strength is best suited for your situation.

Regaine is a long-term treatment option that can take months before any changes are noticeable. Essentially, when you stop applying the lotion, your balding will recommence.

Shampoos and Conditioners


DHT-blocking shampoos and conditioners can come either prescribed or over-the-counter. They are applied to the scalp in the same manner as regular shampoo and conditioner, and they help fight male pattern baldness.

These hair products contain Ketoconazole, an active chemical that helps mediate DHT production in hair follicles. It effectively reduces the amount of hair loss you may experience.

The difference between prescribed and over-the-counter products is that those from your doctor come with a higher volume of Pyrithione zinc. Over-the-counter shampoo options only 1% contain Pyrithione zinc. This is a chemical that actively fights the overproduction of DHT.


One of the downsides to using topical DHT blockers is that they generally aren’t suitable for sensitive scalps. They may provoke irritation and discomfort, ultimately causing more harm than good. If you experience any itchiness or burning, consult with your doctor.

Natural Remedies


In addition to Regaine and shampoos/conditioners, if you’re someone who likes to take a more natural route, there are some at-home remedies that may help fight male pattern baldness, including:


Pumpkin Seed Oil shows promising positive effects for stopping hair loss due to DHT. Studies show that those who use pumpkin see oil can even exhibit 40% increase in hair growth after 24 months.


The studies stull remain inconclusive as to whether all of these natural remedies are as effective as Regaine or DHT-blocking shampoos/conditioners. While there can be positive results, whether they are overall as effective varies person to person.

These products don’t work for everyone. It’s a process of trial and error that can be affected by a myriad of roadblocks, including genetics, age, and accuracy. It’s important to stick to whatever option you wish to try first for an extended period to ensure you’re giving it your all. There won’t be immediate results, so patience is key.


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