Hello customers! How much do you know about the KBC lottery winner? Currently, we are providing information on the winners of the KBC lottery. KBC’s lucky customers are informed about important lottery information. If the customer receives an SMS, a call, or a WhatsApp SMS. You can contact the head office. Confused customers can get accurate and accurate lottery information. Customers are not aware of their lottery. This was something they didn’t know how to do. During crises, we assist our clients. Please contact our customer service number. It is only the KBC department head who is authorized to share reliable guidelines.

KBC 2021 lottery: How to become a winner?

 How many KBC lottery numbers do you have? It’s okay. To get your KBC lottery number, you will need to call the KBC headquarters at 0019188444474. As soon as you have the official KBC lottery number, you can check it daily in the database. In addition to updating our website with the list of 2021 winners, we will publish the list on our Facebook page. You will find your name on our KBC Lottery 2021 Winners List when you visit our website every day after you receive your KBC Lottery Number.

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A competition for KBC 2021

 The KBC Lucky Draw is being held every 10th and 20th of the month, as of January 2021, so you are eligible to take part twice a month. Keeping your SIM card charged will increase your chances of winning the lottery. Dear customer, if someone calls you and asks you, you are the lucky winner of KBC 2021. And if you want to deposit money into your account, don’t deposit money in the first place. Call the KBC head office number to make sure you receive the call. Or false thank you.

KBC (Kaun Banega Crore Pati) gives Jio users two chances to win a KBC lottery during the KBC India 2021 SIM card competition. KBC provides very efficient customer service around the clock. This will allow them to receive useful information on how to win the KBC2021 lottery. Keep up with the lottery until you see it in the lottery database at KBC. Do not follow instructions from fake people through WhatsApp until you call WhatsApp number 0019188444474 at KBC Headquarters to confirm.

KBC 2021 False / Scammer Lottery Winner

 We know you are protecting yourself from fake people/scams. When you receive a call, you must confirm the country code for that number. Scammers make calls using Pakistani or international numbers starting with 0092 ***** or +92 ******. Please do not deposit any money into your account. At this point, please immediately call this official number 0019188444474. Lockdown complaints and respond immediately. We also offer KBC lottery winners the option of including you.

Checklist of winners for the KBC lottery in 2021

KBC (Kaun Banega Crore Pati) will be back in 2020, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan (Big-B). Recently, rumors about the winner of the KBC 2021 lottery have spread on social media. What is the KBC raffle? Does KBC run an online lottery program? Viewers will be shocked to learn how the KBC lottery winner was selected. WhatsApp has a message that you won the 25 KBC rack lottery or lottery. This SMS is based on a lie without truth. Read this article for more information on the KBC Lottery List and the KBC Fake Number Lucky Draw. Customers should read these articles and share this important information with their friends.

KBC staff will be happy to help you around the clock. The members of our official KBC team will guide you in the best possible way. For all inquiries concerning the “KBC Lottery”, please dial the number of the KBC head office.

Some poor families benefit from lottery programs like this. You don’t need to register to buy or win the lottery. The KBC winner will be automatically selected by drawing lots for the SIM card. This selection process is fully automated. The only requirement is to balance the reloads to increase your chances of winning. The more refills you have, the more chances you have of winning the KBC lottery.

Have you ever wished for your success? Are you courageous enough to join the KBC Lottery Winners app? It was recognized! Having the chance to win huge amounts of money live on a KBC lottery show can make you smile.

Precautions against scammers

Take these precautions against fraudsters:

  • A majority of Pakistani fraudsters use numbers starting with 0092 or +92.
  • In this case, Government taxes are demanded, so no money has to be deposited.
  • Lottery numbers you receive are always wrong, and you cannot check them online.
  • Your official KBC lottery number is not with them.
  • The KBC head office must be contacted as soon as possible if you suspect this is a fake caller.
  • Fraudulent individuals should not provide their Aadhar or ATM cards, or any kind of account details.
  • You don’t need to give them any sensitive information.
  • A head office has been established by KBC to deal with this type of clientele.

Lucky Draw Winner 2021 List

  1.  Mr. Jia Sandeep Kumar—-Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  2. Ms. Riya Bhasa Devi—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  3. Mr. Rakhsanda Kumari—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  4. Ms. Rekha kumaar–Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  5. Ms. Chandan Mathur—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  6. Ms. Parveen Kaur—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  7. Mr. Rajesh Kumar—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  8. Mr. Sonsa Singh—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  9. Ms. Bellana Anuradha—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
  10. Sagar Krishna Raut—Lottery Amount: 35,00,000

In what way can we find out my KBC lottery number?

Various changes to “KBC Lottery Winner 2021” will take place. At present, we are implementing new system changes. The customer will see pending or unconfirmed prices for 2021. With the lottery number now available, the customer can confirm the space and feel comfortable. Customers can match the specified lottery number with the advanced official system. You can find the goal you want by dialing a systematic helpline number. Please contact us using the Whatsapps toll-free number.


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