Best Healthcare Apps You Must Have in Your Phone

Healthcare Apps

Mobile apps are being generally regarded by healthcare companies in order to provide the best possible service regardless of location. mHealth apps have acquired a lot of traction in recent years because they are changing the healthcare landscape.

Currently, they are a crucial catalyst to extending the reach of the medical and healthcare industry by boosting efficiency and communication as well as the quality of healthcare services.

Health care providers are able to use smartphones and tablet devices to provide new and inventive ways to deliver healthcare outside of typical care environments. In addition, they are said to be a resource that can help increase the productivity of medical professionals and the health of their patients.

They can be broken down into the following broad groups:

  • Clinical reference and diagnostic apps: Clinicians benefit from these apps by having easier access to clinical information and diagnostic tools.
  • Apps for telemedicine help doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals treat patients virtually.
  • Health management apps: The apps help people monitor their health concerns like diabetes, mental health and cholesterol levels as well as monitor their heart rate, blood pressure and so on.
  • Wellness & Fitness apps:A wide range of tools to help people stay healthy and fit, such as calorie counters and stress relievers may be found in the Wellness & Fitness category of apps.

Healthcare Apps- guiding your way to better life

Apple’s and Google’s app stores each include more than 50,000 health-related apps. In addition, there has been a significant rise in the use of healthcare apps.

Which of the many apps available can you employ for your personal health and wellness? Here are our picks for the best healthcare apps currently available on the market, in no particular order.

1. First Derm

A dermatologist on-demand is available through First Derm for quick and accessible answers as well as strategies for treatment and medication.

First Derm’s approach is straightforward: you can snap images of your illness and describe your symptoms using their mobile or online app. A board-certified dermatologist will assess your case and react with expert information and advice within 48 hours after receiving your information and payment.

Other free tools, such as photographs, can help patients diagnose and manage common skin disorders without needing to meet with a dermatologist.

2. Marham – Find a Doctor

There is a great deal of misunderstanding and difficulty when it comes to receiving medical care in Pakistan. Finding a doctor who can treat you well while also being within your budget is a major worry. With regard to location restrictions, privacy concerns, and financial considerations, there is an additional layer of difficulty.

Marham decided to launch its smartphone app to address all of these concerns, with the goal of making medical treatment more accessible and cheaper for everyone. It has been making it easier for Pakistanis to access the greatest doctors in the country and get treatment at home in just a matter of minutes across the whole country.

Because to its unique features and ease of use, Marham – Find a doctor has been named Pakistan’s finest healthcare app.

It’s an incredibly user-friendly app for Android and iPhone.

In addition to providing information about the best hospitals in Pakistan, the Marham app provides the following information:

  • The location of the hospital
  • Number of doctors
  • The number of accessible beds
  • Services provided by COVID-19
  • Emergency treatments
  • The typical cost of seeing a doctor
  • Hours of Operation

3. ZocDoc

The goal of ZocDoc is simple: to make it easier and faster for individuals to schedule appointments with doctors and healthcare professionals, without having to wait on hold for weeks.

It’s easy to get started using the ZocDoc app, which allows users to pick the sort of care they require from a list of options that includes everything from general dentistry to psychiatric to eye care to dermatology to optometry. In the next 24 hours, patients can search for physicians who have open appointments and book their appointments online. Reminders will also be sent to your ZocDoc account.

4. WebMD Baby app

You can keep track of all your baby-care duties with the free WebMD Baby app for Android and iOS. The four pillars of infant care are nutrition, sleep, diapers, and growth.

All of your questions may be answered with this app, which includes a virtual baby book and videos from specialists to help you learn about your child’s development. Share your data with family and doctors by syncing it across all your devices.

5. Clue

Period trackers like this one make it a little easier to get in touch with your body.

In addition to the essentials, Clue lets you input data on your mood and sleep to give you an idea of when you’re most likely to ovulate and when you’ll get your period. As a result, you may be more prepared to deal with the symptoms of PMS and other hormonal swings.

6. Aptiv

Aaptiv provides 10 new classes each week, and more than 2,500 courses overall. Their goal is to replicate a luxury fitness class in the privacy of your own home, in the great outdoors, or even at your local gym. Your workouts are customized by the app depending on your fitness level, training preferences, and the equipment you have at your disposal.

Keep records of workout-related patterns so you can see how far you’ve come. Stretching, running, strength training, and yoga are just a few of the options.

Currently available on both iOS and Android.

7. Healow

The Healow app provides users with access to all of their health records (EHRs) in one place.

In Healow, more than 100,000 healthcare professionals engage, enabling individuals to instantly view their medical records, including test results and medications. Healow. Additionally, you have the option to move your consolidated health records between providers so that all of your doctors have the latest information.

The app also includes features like as appointment scheduling, prescription reminders and refill requests, and fitness trackers. With the approval of that adult, you can add accounts for small children, a spouse, or an aging parent. Specialized apps for children’s medical records and for pregnant women’s medical records also exist.

8. MyChart

If you’re looking for a way to view your medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with your doctor from any location, MyChart is a great option.

Users can access their test results, prescriptions, immunization records, and other medical information via a mobile app on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Patients may quickly schedule visits and pay bills with the appointment scheduling and bill payment capabilities. Contacting a doctor via MyChart allows users to ask inquiries or share medical documents from other doctors. Health and fitness data from a fitness trackers tracker can also be imported into MyChart profiles.


Healthcare professionals are actively working to advance their services as well as provide patients with the care and convenience desired. We should expect a steady rise in mobile healthcare app development innovation. These apps aren’t always flawless, but they’re now providing users with the care they need.

Because these apps do not totally replace in-person annual checkups, patients should still directly visit to professionals when necessary.