Making the Choice Between Assisted Living and Home Care

It isn’t always easy to face the realization that your loved one needs more help than you can provide for them. They have reached an age where just about everything they do is a challenge. While you would like to spend more time with them, helping them with everything from personal hygiene to routine chores, you know that wouldn’t even be enough. It’s time to decide between assisted living and home care, but where do you start? Here are three things to consider that should help you make the right choice.

1. Exactly How Much Help Do They Need?

You have probably already answered this question but, to go into a bit more detail, there are certain things that will make a key difference. How advanced are any medical or mental conditions or diseases? If they can get by with just someone coming in to do some of the things which they are unable to take care of because of limited mobility, perhaps home care would suffice. However, you’ve probably seen things more critical than dishes left undone. So, for example, if they aren’t taking their medicine on time, or if they suddenly find themselves confused as to their surroundings or the people they are talking to, you can rest assured they need a much higher level of care and probably 24/7 at that.

2. The Main Differences Between Assisted Living and Home Care

One of the main differences between assisted living and home care that is a priority would be the level of care available. As mentioned above, the severity of their medical or mental issues is a key factor. But there are other things to think about as well. For one, what would the cost be to have an RN or LPN on duty 24/7? While a home care aide would be the least expensive option of all, are they prepared to deal with any medical emergency should one arise? They would almost always need to call for emergency response.

However, assisted living Hollywood CA services at Belmont Village, for instance, have a medical support team on site at all times. The response time would be significantly faster. And services aside, they would have the companionship of other seniors like themselves. With a home care worker, socialization would be lacking and that’s something central to life. People need people. Right there you have two main things to consider before making a choice.

3. What Is Their Financial Situation?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t always stand that one is more expensive than the other. While it might be true that your loved one could make do with a home care worker one shift of each day, their problems are probably more severe than that or you wouldn’t even be considering residential treatment for them. Therefore, if nursing care is needed throughout the 24-hour day, the cost of assisted living may very well be the most affordable.

At this point in time, the best thing to do would be to make an appointment with the care team at a senior assisted living residence to get an idea of what the levels of care are, and the costs involved. If it is something your loved one can afford, this very well might be the best option for them.