The exciting ICC World Cricket League Championship

ICC World Cricket

International Cricket Council arranges lots of different competitions around the world. They can be very exciting, and whenever they take place, you can bet in play on on all its matches.

One of the most interesting competitions created by the ICC has been the ICC World Cricket League Championship. Teams who performed well in this championship would obtain a spot for a specific edition of the Cricket World Cup. All these major cricket competitions can be very entertaining, and on 1xBet, fans can make their in play bets on its most important matches.

History of this championship

In total, four editions of this highly entertaining championship were celebrated. They took place between 2007 and 2017. If at some moment it is decided to celebrate it again in the future, you can visit 1xBet – best cricket odds that can be taken advantage of.

The winners of these competitions were:

  • Kenya;
  • Ireland;
  • and the Netherlands.

Notably, some of the countries that are normally considered cricket powerhouses never claimed a title of this kind. This meant that teams like India, Australia or England never did so. However, this wasn’t due to a lack of trying. The best cricket odds are definitely on 1xBet, which has become the ultimate platform to wager on this exciting sport.

Different formats

In general, the ICC World Cricket League Championship had different formats that were tried out during its history. Regardless of the format, fans can make any live bet on 1xBet, which covers the major cricket competitions.

For example, after the 2005 ICC Trophy was played, the top six teams in that competition were chosen. They were grouped to play the inaugural edition of the competition in question.

However, things changed for the 2010 edition. Specifically, by this time it was decided to consider the best six teams of the qualifying stage for the 2009 Cricket World Cup. In general, changes was the word that better defined the competition, as the format, number of teams and even types of hosts were constantly modified.

Later, for the 2011-13 edition it was decided to expand the competition from six to eight teams. The two extra teams came from the WCL Division Two. Also, the rewards for those who had good performances here were better. This is because, it was determined that the two top teams of this competition would automatically qualify for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

This worldwide encompassing cricket cup is another very exciting competition, and on 1xBet, any live bet can be made on all its matches.

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