Megi Kavtaradze: Georgia’s Golden Girl of Robotics founding largest AI Summit of Miami

On May 24 and 25th, Miami is hosting AI2027, the world’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) summit. The global AI software market is projected to grow to 126 billion US dollars by 2025.

The high-level conference brings together 30 world-class business leaders who will discuss how AI is transforming businesses worldwide.

Supported by tech innovators and global organizations, the conference covers a spectrum of trends, from the future of Robotics, Deepfake Detection, and Breakthroughs in NLP, to Opportunities in Asia, AI and security, and how to apply AI to omnichannel marketing.

The visionary behind AI2027 is Megi Kavtaradze, Founder and CEO of Destiny Robotics. Megi’s AI and robotics company is revolutionizing the problem of loneliness by building socially intelligent humanoid robots. 

Journey into AI 

Like millions of girls, Megi was nudged into various fields as a student because tech was considered a male-dominated space. “I still managed to turn my passion towards robotics into reality and now supporting every woman in this,” shares Megi.

Her company Destiny Robotics was born at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Despite advances in internet connectivity, social media, and messaging apps, global loneliness indices reached their peaks during this time. Megi, herself, experienced bouts of loneliness.

“I was sitting at my New York apartment, gazing from a small window. I was not able to see anyone in the street. Nor at home. Being an extrovert, for me, it was a grueling experience not to be able to communicate with anyone,” recalls Megi. Her personal experiences, along with her passion for robotics triggered the desire to leverage technology to solve the problem of loneliness. 

Addressing the Problem of Loneliness 

“I became passionate to solve this problem by building a human-like robot home assistant. Someone who will form a meaningful relationship with you. Someone who will be with you daily, entertain you, comfort you, empathize with you,” shares Megi, who went on to gather the brightest minds in robotics from Huawei, Tesla, the U.S. Department of Defense, HSBC, and the University of Cambridge, with a mission to solve the problem of loneliness.

Destiny Robotics aims to be the first company that gives every person access to a humanoid home assistant that can help them effectively eliminate feelings of isolation and loneliness.

According to Megi, the company is a unique combination of AI, robotics, engineering, and art and design and is attempting to bridge the gap between the missing human connection and automation technology. Its use cases span a wide range, from psychological therapy and child care to serving the elderly and health control.

A Rising Thought Leader 

Megi, who grew up in Georgia, was featured by the Entrepreneur online magazine and Entrepreneur Cover for her contributions to fuelling the robotics and AI ecosystem.

A seasoned technology executive and serial entrepreneur, she has led large-scale, high-impact projects and diverse teams to build platforms for hundreds of clients and thousands of users. In 2020, she also founded a successful startup studio, which began testing multiple startup ideas, including the first property investment and crowdfunding platform in Georgia.

Prior to this, Megi was head of innovations at Georgia Investing, where she was responsible for raising capital for Georgia’s real estate market. Megi’s understanding of marketing and product management, combined with her passion for robotics and problem-solving skills, have made her a force to reckon with in the world of entrepreneurship and the AI and robotics space.