SuiteSuccess with SuiteCommerce – Get E-commerce in just 100 hours


It is pretty nerve-racking and intimidating to think about launching a new eCommerce website. Apart from the daunting feeling, launching a new website is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Whether it is the first eCommerce website or a re-platforming process from an old system, many resources and energy get spent.

Usually, companies require a period of five to eight months to execute the whole process of conceptualizing and launching a new website. The entire process ranges from deciding the eCommerce solution to establishing the system design and layout. In addition, an eCommerce website also requires a storefront along with extensions for third-party apps.

The overall process appears to be very daunting. However, to be specific, there is a more intimidating aspect. You can never be sure if the execution of the website is going to be on schedule or if it is going to be functional. It is quite common that companies often leave their projects mid-way because of technical gaps. Developers are likely to face technical issues and miss out on the launch date.

Such quirks can be really scary. Sometimes entrepreneurs and businessmen become skeptical about pursuing any projects like eCommerce websites. However, with NetSuite suit success implementation services, users do not need to worry about these technical glitches. They will be able to alleviate these problems with a simple solution that is smooth to implement.

How does the NetSuite solution work?

The NetSuite Suitsuccess implementation services program is a fast-track solution that is very helpful in eCommerce business. The program focuses upon the critical components of any business. The aim is to deploy bits and pieces of the company, like its marketing or sales. This approach is to make sure every aspect is paid equal attention to, and not everything is done all at once. In addition, it develops predefined and pre-built dashboards for the users. With this feature, the deployment time gets shortened and things become more accessible.

What is SuiteSuccess for SuitCommerce?

Businessmen can add B2B and B2C features with the help of SuitSuccess for SuiteCommerce to the NetSuite solution. SuiteCommerce for Suitcommerce implements a rapid solution model based on several successful eCommerce deployments. It helps accelerate time to market by establishing a complete eCommerce service within 100 hours.

What makes NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess helpful?

  1. Enhances the online experience

This platform’s approach makes replatforming any site from an old system very smooth. They take care of shifting the catalogs, the images, and even the product descriptions through quite an easy process. Moreover, the team of professionals at NetSuite is well-versed in SEO. Hence, they are capable of offering advice regarding search rankings and helping your business to grow.

SuiteCommerce has several features ranging from in-built responsive themes to user-friendly management tools. In addition to these features, there are other capacities of SuiteSucess that focus upon the clients’ needs. As a result, the platform is aware of the requirements of its direct consumers and business buyers.

These features are as follows-

  • Comparisons between products
  • Notification regarding products once they are back in the stock
  • Limitless scrolling
  • Unique badges for every item.
  • Customised viewing of the product catalogs
  • Certificates for every gift
  • Order status for the buyers
  • Responsive templates for your emails
  1. Promises business success after Go-Live

Once the professional services by NetSuite have helped launch a new online store for any business, the administrators get some perks. The platform offers some extra services upon onboarding for about six months. After that, NetSuite helps them explore and learn how to navigate the eCommerce solution.

The eCommerce store managers, marketers, sales representatives, and coordinators get these extra support services. Availability of this support leads the administrators to get used to the SuiteCommerce storefront. The onboarding services include the following-

  • Onboarding Management: It helps facilitate the business transfer from NetSuite Professional Services. The platform’s professional services ensure a proper guide for users after the implementation is over.
  • Guided Support: It helps in addressing doubts and questions posted by users. Mainly the ‘how do I…’ questions are answered step-by-step with simple solutions.
  • Expert Advice: It offers exemplary configuration, usage, maintenance, and optimization guidance. The administrators get updates regarding daily website management. In addition, they get instructions regarding how to use SuiteApps to extend the storefronts. Moreover, administrators get guidance for other functions like third-party application integration, digital marketing, promotions, etc.

What are the advantages of SuiteSuccess?

·  Helps in creating engaging experiences

Clients have an engaging and fun experience with blogs, notifications, product comparisons, newsletter sign-up, and customized product catalogs.

  • Easy Replatforming

Shifting your items from an old system can be difficult. However, SuiteSuccess makes it easy. They take care of the catalogs, product descriptions as well as images.

To Wrap Up

NetSuite’s eCommerce platform promises to offer a seamless user experience and meets up to the client’s expectations. With the help of SuiteSuccess for SuitCommerce, clients get to have predefined dashboards that are role-specific. Their years of experience provide the best eCommerce solutions and ensure your business growth.

Author bio 

Mrudul Modh is the chief NetSuite Consultant of VNMT, A NetSuite Alliance Partner with years in providing NetSuite Implementation services across diverse industry niches.