3 Beneficial CMS Migration Resources for WordPress Developers

CMS Migration

The top-secret of the successful content management system is still lies in WordPress. It is one of the world’s most popular website platforms that outperform other content management systems for web creation. Why is it still popular when there are various other platforms in the market with powerful solutions? The reason is its flexibility. It is simple enough that even inexperienced site administrators and business owners can make basic changes like adding content in blogs, pictures, and videos smoothly. However, given the number of competitors who have entered the market; the question arises as to whether WordPress will still be relevant in 2022?

It’s Safe and Secure

WordPress is a popular platform, so it is obvious that hackers keep an eye on it. But thanks to its developers who follow the best security practices that make it safe and secure and make customers’ trust in WordPress stronger. You can install useful plugins that provide different levels of security to your website and help manage your online store flawlessly. The WordPress team is always updating the CMS and the plugins that work with it and provide safety to its user base.

It is Free

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS); you can download, install or make changes to your website as per your requirement. Whether you are a blogger or a businessman, you can successfully create a website and modify it according to your target audience using WordPress. To get hands-on with this, you need a domain name and web hosting from the web development services in USA, and for that, only you need to pay a minimal amount and do whatever customizations you want to do with your website.

Social Media Integration

This is the age of digital marketing, and every entrepreneur wants to grow his brand by engaging with his customers using social media. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of social media platforms by using a social media feed on their WordPress websites. WordPress allows its users to integrate their social media channels on their website, which boosts the visibility of their website or online store and enhances their sales.

Simple to use

Although WordPress is a powerful platform, it is very flexible and simple to use, even for beginners. The simple dashboard of WordPress quickly lets you upload your blogs, manage your pages, change the look of your website with a navigation menu of your choice. Besides, users get the updates regularly from Backend Development Services in USA, install them with a single click, and install amazing plugins to enhance the functionality as per the requirements.

Common Issues Associated with any CMS

Before we delve into the migration resources, let’s take a glance at the common issues associated with a CMS system. Here is the list of them.

Long Downtimes related to Servers

Note that server downtime is pretty common nowadays. While creating a website on CMS is a simple task. What really poses a problem is a long downtime. Moreover, downtimes can be devastating for businesses out there as they may lose customers.

Slow Speed of the Website

No doubt, slow website speed is another major problem related to CMS. If the speed of the website is slow, any downloads or uploads will take longer durations of time.

And if you are a client-centric company, you cannot retain clients with a slow-loading website. Slow speeds mean your customers have to wait longer for some valuable information. All basic functions will be time-consuming which can be a big headache.

Not able to handle High Traffic Volumes

Another issue that is commonly noticed on CMS is their inability to handle high traffic volumes. The inability to tackle higher traffic volumes can seriously affect your overall reputation. This is the primary reason why a majority of companies prefer migrating to WordPress.

Limited Resources and Features

Every CMS platform provides some functions which are common to every website. However, as you explore the rich features, you will come across ease-of-use. However, it is commonly noticed that a large number of CMS platforms offer limited resources and functions. This can severely affect your credibility among the customers.

Helpful CMS Migration Resources

Here are some of the best CMS migration resources which you should be aware of.


Note that MultiDots makes it easy for you to transfer a website from any normal CMS to WordPress. It is worth noting here that MultiDots has been a world leader in migrating websites from other CMS platforms to WordPress.

Note that MultiDots possesses years of experience in helping website owners transfer their websites to WordPress. MultiDots also boasts a great user interface with great designs and themes.


Lemosys is another migration resource that has been pretty popular in the US and the India. Though it commenced as a software development company, Lemosys has evolved as the go-to option for website owners who want to transfer to WordPress.

From website development to website migration, Lemosys is your one-stop option in the realm of WordPress. You can get the most out of the WordPress platform by opting for Lemosys.


Zehntech is another website migration service that helps website owners and WordPress developers to get the full set of features. From eCommerce to WooCommerce, you can transfer any type of website from normal CMS platforms to WordPress. If you are transferring your website to WordPress for the first time, then Zehntech will be your preferred option.

WordPress is not just limited to the content management system; it provides its customers with many plugins to customize their website as per their needs. Besides, it is flexible enough to easily manage the search engine optimization (SEO) process and build a strong online presence.

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