How To Make Custom Made Covers For Your Computer?

Custom Made Covers

Let us all agree on one thing – carrying your laptop both in style and safety is no less than an achievement! We are always careful when taking gadgets with us outdoors. Indeed, we have to thank the laptop skins and cases more because it is them who has kept our laptops safe and stylish.

You might have looked for laptop covers online/offline and might have found them overpriced or of no use. Perhaps, DIY computer cases are the perfect solution for both these issues. You can create them with ease, desired raw material, according to your style, and with a low budget!

In this list, we have compiled seven excellent computer cover ideas that you can customize according to your taste, needs, and personality.

Let’s check them out all one by one.

1. Hand-stitch a Laptop Cover At Your Home

Hand stitching a laptop cover is one of the brilliant ways of creating custom made covers for yourself. This design involves a little effort in selecting the material of the case. You could go for retro patterns, decent lines, and prints, or solids. Moreover, you can even merge two materials. For example, stitch the bottom with plain leather and stitch the rest of the case with a printed fabric.

Anything selected and stitched into a laptop case looks spectacular. To make the stitching hassle-free while making a slick and hand-stitched laptop case, you can watch online tutorials and get some clever ideas beforehand. You can add a zip, clutch, or button to lock the laptop case as per your choice.

2. Padded Laptop Cover With a Button Might Look Elegant

A padded laptop sleeve can look as vibrant as you. Create a colorful cover using the finest tints, patterns, and buttons. A padded laptop sleeve can grab all the eyeballs around you. Plus, the cushion inside the cover holds your laptop safe and protected. There are the slimmest chances of any damage (if it is in the padded cover) to your laptop when it gets hit by mistake anywhere. A quick hack – design a padded laptop cover with so many secret pockets within. It will help you organize all your chords, cables, gadgets, and goodies neatly inside.

3. Let The Laptop Sticker Skin Sparkle Bright

The most famous idea of making your laptop skin look unique is to apply fancy stickers on it. Many laptop users decorate their laptop screens by directly pasting stickers on them. However, a few use a transparent case, decorate it with a sticker, and cover the laptop. The reason behind doing this is that applying stickers directly on the upper part of the screen might tamper with the shade or design of the laptop. Remember, using a sticker sleeve cover only helps modify your laptop’s look and has nothing to do with its safety.

4. Make a Laptop Bag From an Old-fashioned Sweater

Are you thinking about what to do with your old-fashioned sweater? For starters, you can sew a laptop bag out of it! For all those who love to upcycle old items, you should try making a tote from your years’ old knitted sweater.

If you have too many sweaters piled up in your wardrobe’s last drawer, start making some functional and cool laptop tote bags out of them. When you carry such a practical laptop tote bag outdoors, you ensure its security and look stunning. Pat yourself on the back because now you have the most classy laptop bag on the planet, and you have made it!

5. You Can Create a DIY Laptop Envelope Cover

Nothing but an envelope laptop cover suits your MacBook the best. You will be relieved after knowing how easy it is to make laptop envelope covers at home. Even if you are a budding sewer, these envelopes can get ready in an hour with minimal expertise. You can start sewing your laptop envelope sleeve right away.

Also, it is exciting that you can make a couple of envelope covers for both you and your partner. Moreover, these envelope laptop sleeves are the perfect gift for your couple of friends. If you are wondering about what your next laptop sleeve will look like, you already know!

6. How About a Sling Leather Laptop Bag?

Is finding a bag for both your laptop and non-laptop things challenging for you? Don’t worry; we have got your back. To solve this, you can make a DIY messenger bag. A messenger bag could be difficult to make and time-consuming. However, after you finish making it, you will love yourself more.

A messenger bag is perfect when you are bringing your laptop on a trip. Additionally, you can gift it to someone who is going abroad for business work. Stitch a leather-made sling bag, ensemble a rugged sling bag, or shop a rugged sling bag; anything you do for your laptop will pay you off for sure.

7. Try Slapping a Holographic Adhesive Skin on Your Laptop

Are you still hovering on point number three? If making a laptop sleeve with stickers is not your thing, we have got something different for you. What do you think of slapping a holographic adhesive vinyl skin on your laptop screen?

You only need holographic paper, transparent laptop skin, glue, a scissor, and a cutter to bring this DIY laptop custom-made cover into life. If you want a quick idea on how to create this cover, watch this short tutorial. Surprisingly, you will learn the DIY cover-making hack easily and within no time.


You will agree that these seven incredibly unique ideas will inspire you to create some computer covers that you never saw in the stores before. Your gadgets and other essentials should also sync with your style as you carry yourself in vogue. Making DIY covers can let you explore your creativity and invent some outstanding cover ideas. Besides these seven, if you have any ideas in your mind, don’t forget to share in the comment section.


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