Important Reasons to Use a Drupal CMS for your Business

Reasons to Use a Drupal CMS for your Business

The features & innovation integrated into Drupal CMS put it ahead of competitors & other web development frameworks. With free to avail features the CMS is used by qualified developers to build large-scale web applications. The CMS has features to smoothly convert module of a small blog to the big web applications as well as offers flexible environment to developers. Top reasons to invest in Drupal Web Development to craft your next business website are discussed, which can help you make smart decision.

1. Open-Source

Open-source CMS offers features to write the web applications code that can be copied, customized & shared without any trouble. No license fees is charged for optimization work. Transparent programming is an added feature of the CMS. This factor offers flexibility & scalability to both developer & users as well. Numerous pros of utilizing it are here:

  • Build a business site without paying a single penny for software license
  • Thousands of technicians always available to update open-source software
  • Easy to customize the features as per the business needs
  • Flexible in comparison to proprietary software

2. Secure CMS

Security of data is priority of any CMS. Companies dealing in Drupal 9 Development focus on building a web portal that store customer data & transaction records. Dealing in E-commerce websites needs top-rated security measures. Drupal is the most secure CMS on which community of developers make regular improvement. The advanced security features of Drupal are:

  • It restricts modules having unresolved security patches
  • Compatible password security
  • Implements transparency & efficiency
  • Public documentation to keep others updated & safe

3. SEO Friendly

Business websites core objective is to engage potential customers & boost user engagement. This is possible with SEO friendliness, and to gain user attention in digital world is challenging. A Drupal development company very well knows the relevance of SEO friendly websites. Drupal Framework offers flexibility to design & develop the SEO optimized website. The points that make Drupal perfect for SEO friendliness are:

  • Customized & friendly URLs
  • Google Analytics to track web traffic
  • Accommodating HTML/CSS standards

4. Extensibility & Customization

The business requirements for the websites are never the same. Over the time period, requirements get changed & becomes compulsory to meet the development trends. Drupal is a great framework that supports business website for enhanced features. So, for the business growth no need to change development approach or build a new website. Drupal CMS enables Data Modelling & assist in module integration. These features make it perfect in your Ecosystem. The highlights are:

  • Simple to write custom code & perform desired tasks
  • Accessibility of the upgraded modules to easily extend functionality
  • Streamlined integration of third party applications
  • Different theme layer for functionality & content

5. Strong Community

Drupal’s strong community support is its actual strength. A powerful community is a key aspect relevant to any open-source software. The developer community works on each aspect like innovation, ideas, programming, designing & development. Every contributor works in the direction of innovations & eliminate the limitations. The professionals belonging to Drupal community guarantee sustainability of modules. The following stats will give you better look:

  • 40,000+ Active developers
  • Over a million accounts
  • 30,000 modules & 2,000 themes

6. Built-in Support for Multi-Language Sites

Drupal is integrated with multi-language functionality for website development. This means the CMS gives power to translate the website content according to the users’ geographic location. The benefit of the translation extension is that it can appear as an option at the top of the page and is thus smoothly accessible to the user. This feature is perfect to target people from all across the globe, irrespective of their native language.

Wrapping Up

Drupal is an Open-source and flexible CMS that comes with plenty of innovative features. They are needed for the website success in today’s competitive world. If you want to stay ahead of the competitors over others in 2021, leverage the power of Drupal’s remarkable benefits and build business website. There is no doubt that the CMS will be the most preferred in 2021 and future.

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