Is Data Science Over-hyped?

Although it is a well-known fact that Data is extremely valuable and data science allows us to realize the real value of data, yet there exist several online threads which talk about how data science is all hype but not worth it. Many also speak of how they are disillusioned with Data science and how companies nowadays only hire data science to look tech-savvy but data science doesn’t help them in gaining real value! There are even others who speak of how leading enterprises offshore or loan data scientists cut down costs as in reality they do not see any benefit!

All these might lead one to believe that the hype around data science is all fluke and thus deciding on a career in the field might backfire. This is indeed worrying and if in reality, the hype around data science is nothing but a marketing gimmick a data science aspirant might want to rethink his or her decision!

However, in this article, we will discuss why data science can never be Overhyped and if you are a data science aspirant you have got nothing to worry about. Do not let negativity bog you down, go ahead and select the best institute for data science, acquire the necessary skills and in no time you will land on your dream job!

What do the experts say?

Experts acknowledge that there has been a constant uphill battle in understanding the true potential of data science. This is because many considered Data science to be some magic that would transform failing businesses into successful ones overnight! There are even others who consider that Data scientists are all about mathematics and research and vouch for traditional business methods. One might be reminded of the Brad Pitt acted Hollywood blockbuster Moneyball!

However, experts point out the fact that Data science has already proven itself worthy wherever it has been trusted and given enough time. Industry leaders like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been already successfully leveraging Data Science capabilities.

Let us take the example of how Amazon has been successfully using Data science to drive customer satisfaction that enabled massive business growth:

The customer service team of Amazon India took insights from data scientists regarding:

  • Issues for which most amazon customers would call
  • Rush hours on which most amazon customers would likely reach out to the customer service team
  • Potential call drivers during sale season
  • Which channel do most customers prefer
  • Potential data security risks while handling customer issues

Deep insights about the other pointers helped the leaders to address the issues proactively, manage the workforce to meet the demand, and most importantly drive customer satisfaction. This not only led to a significant reduction in the opt-out rate but also increased customer satisfaction amazingly!

Data science can never be Overhyped!

Data science is fascinating and it has been already successful in changing the way business is done. Any change goes through a certain amount of resistance and for sure Data science too has faced a fair share of resistance. However, the demand for data science has not shrunk a bit and job opportunities in data science are at an all-time high.


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