Below are some of the best offerings in 2021

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Video games and superheroes. It seems like the perfect mix. They are two massively popular things that have exploded in recent years, and it is not a stretch to say that both concepts are loved all over the world.  The gaming industry has always been on a rise since its inception, which is surprising given the way the public reacted as the first video games began to release. While superheroes have always been relatively popular, they were always a niche and were resigned to existing in comic form rather than given a space on the big screen. There was, of course, individual offerings from the film industry that propelled some of the biggest comic book superheroes to the main stage, but none of these did this to the extent that Marvel Studios has managed to do.

Taking two, massively popular ideas and combining them is something that does not always work, but this combination was excellent here. This is because children typically grow up idolising superheroes like Spider-Man and Superman, so when the opportunity comes to actually be them and use their powers, how could anyone resist? Even adults who have long since relegated gaming to an occasional activity are likely to play a superhero game to recover some of their childhood sense of wonder. Playing these kinds of games would have proved useful during the recent lockdowns, as many were stuck at home. This meant that people turned to activities like online gambling to pass the time, here is the latest news, though most would have preferred to play superhero games. Here are some of the best offerings in 2021.

Batman: Arkham Knight – This is the latest instalment of the Arkham series and represents an end to the storyline started with Batman: Arkham Asylum. Fans of Batman will simply love this game as the story it tells comes from one of the most famous Batman comic book stories ever released: Under the Hood. As the twists in this story are unexpected, it is suited to people who know the original comic book story as well as those who have no idea about the comic book arcs. The fighting system in this game has long been praised for its fluidity and immersive feel – players can feel the weight of Batman’s punches as they hit enemies, making this option a must-play.

Injustice 2 – Another DC offering, Injustice 2 offers a spin on the DC universe as it presents Superman as a villain, which has consequences for the rest of the Justice League who choose not to side with him. Instead of being a traditional action-adventure like Batman: Arkham Knight, Injustice 2 is a fighting game made by the same people who currently develop the popular Mortal Kombat franchise, a credential that makes Injustice a great option to play.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – This game is simply an exercise in fulfilling the dreams of the child inside most adults. Remarkably, the game developed by Insomniac features an original story, which is impressive, to say the least. Where it really shines is in the gameplay, and players can essentially be Spider-Man by web-swinging through the city or performing some incredible acrobatic combat moves. Fans of Spider-Man will easily fall in love with this game, and it is definitely one to consider playing.

Those who were searching for superhero games to play should now have a great idea of some of the best options that are currently available.


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