Time Management In Children

When we discuss time management, it is not just about how to find more time in a day to achieve everything you need, but also how to utilise your time wisely and effectively. To help you understand that, we have compiled a list of important tips and tricks that will show your kids that time management is an essential skill they should be learning and implementing in their daily lives.

Children are always busy completing their homework and other activities. Due to this, it is important to educate them on the value of managing their time so that they don’t spend their spare time running around trying to get everything fixed at once. It is essential for kids to learn time management skills because being organised is being happy in life. Being one of the best after-school programs in India, Kumon has presented some ways you can help your children build their time management skills without them even realising it.

Teach your kids ways to prioritise tasks

Kids often get distracted by all the things that are around and available to them, such as their phones or a computer. They may face several issues and feel disturbed if they don’t know how to schedule and prioritise the important tasks and which one they should be doing first.

Therefore, it is important to teach your kids about making priorities from an early age so that it becomes ingrained in them. In this way, when they grow older, they are more likely to get sorted with their work before they start playing around.

Create a calendar for family members

Family calendars are used for creating a roadmap for everyone in your house. Just by looking at it once, you can identify that one of your children has scouts on Monday, the other has basketball on Tuesday and so on.

The whole family involves in creating the document that keeps all of you on track. Make it a family activity so that everyone in the house can learn who has what commitments on which days. This simple activity will help children to identify the tasks they have to perform on a particular day and at a particular time. They are also able to understand what goes into keeping your family on schedule.

Help kids learn time managing skills

It is important that kids learn how to manage their time as it will help them in the future when taking on bigger and more complicated tasks.

Help them set goals for themselves and then break them down into smaller, achievable tasks. Through this, they will visualise that getting everything done in time is doable with some good time management skills.

Teach kids to plan their time

There are certain apps for adults that help manage their time, but if you want your children to learn these skills on their own when they grow up, you can start teaching them when they’re young.

Introduce them to a time planner that has space for their daily tasks along with an area for longer projects that may need some more time. In this way, they will be able to identify how much time is required to get certain jobs done without being too engulfed by working on them all at once.

Help them learn time organisation

Apart from managing and planning their time, it is also important for kids to have a sense of organisation when they are younger so that it becomes part of their everyday lives.

Teach them to make a list and prioritise the tasks they have to do first, second, third and so on. In this way, they will have a sense of time organisation, through which chunks of work can be completed.

Be a role model

Last but not least, it is best to be a role model to your child. It is essential that you are organised with your own time and work so that your kids also see the benefits of planning and scheduling their time. Make sure that you are setting a good example for them.

Wrapping Up

By teaching your kids time management skills, you are helping them to be prepared for the different challenges of life beyond getting good grades at school. Many adults often struggle with their time management skills as they didn’t learn how to do it at a younger age. Therefore, it is important that parents teach these skills to their children so that when they get older and have bigger tasks and responsibilities, they can handle it all with ease.

Kumon is an early childhood education program having multiple centres in India. We know the importance of learning time management skills at an early age as it can allow kids to focus on their priorities and complete tasks without feeling burdened. To know more about time management skills, visit our website.