In this modern life, we all are deeply connected with our digital devices wherein our Smartphone is our best friend because it contains a lot of memories in the form of apps, photos, videos, messages, and more. When our Android Smartphone starts working slowly, it really stresses us out! But, now you don’t have to be stressed out because I have got you some amazing tips and tricks to keep your Android‘s speed boosted up. In this blog, I have shared some effective and best tips to boost the speed and improve the overall performance of your Android Smartphone. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Tips to Speed up Android Smartphone:

1. Free Up Storage Space

Sometimes, we fill our Android phones with so much data that it stops working properly and lose their original speed. We can resolve this issue by freeing up some storage space from the phone. We tend to take a lot of selfies and which are almost duplicates and there is no use in keeping them. Therefore, we can free up storage space by deleting them. Isn’t it manual deleting takes a lot of time and does not provide 100% accuracy? Well, now you can delete duplicate files with 100% accuracy… ask me how?

There is software specially designed for deleting duplicate files from our smartphones. This software helps in finding duplicate data like photos, videos, audio files, and other data and helps users delete them directly without any hassle. You can download “Duplicate Files Fixer” to find and delete duplicate data easily from your Android Smartphone. This app helps users in keeping their smartphones clean and also helps in freeing up storage space.

To download Duplicate Files Fixer for your Android Smartphone, click here:

Using this amazing app is quite easy, all you have to do is to download it, and set it on the scanning process to detect duplicate files from your Android Smartphone and delete them directly through the app.

2. Uninstall Unused Apps

The other best way to speed up the overall performance of your Android Smartphone is to uninstall the app that is not needy or you don’t often use them. It’s better to delete them than to keep a mess on your phone. The fact is that such apps take up a lot of storage space and it makes your Android Smartphone more sluggish.

3. Change the animation speed of the system

By changing the animation speed of your Android Smartphone will help you in getting a perfect speed additionally it will also boost the overall performance of your Android phone. Additionally, if you don’t want to change the animation speed, you can also turn off the animations so that you can get the right speed of your Android Smartphone.

4. Restart your Android Smartphone

If you have done everything to boost the speed and performance of your Android Smartphone, try restarting it, to give it a fresh start. Additionally, you can also try to reboot so that you can free up the resources or space that has been used for running unused apps in the background. It’s always a good idea to restart your device at least once a week. It will not only prevent your smartphone from becoming sluggish but will also increase the frequency of your Android Smartphone.

5. Use Lite or Go Edition apps

Google Play Store offers Lite or Go edition apps which are specially designed for Android devices with limited storage and RAM.  Go Edition or Lite apps are small, light-weighted apps with less resource-taking abilities. You can easily find the versions of apps on the Google Play Store. You can also upgrade your mostly-used apps like Face book, Skype, Twitter, and Spotify to the Lite Version.

6. Keep your phone updated

One of the best ways to maintain the speed and overall performance of your Android Smartphone is to keep your device always updated to the latest version. Updating your phone to the latest version ensures the improvement in the system’s smoothness and also reduces the loading time of applications. Additionally, keeping your phone updated ensures that you’re using the latest version and also keeps the system of your Android up-to-date, improved, and optimized.

7. Try factory reset

If you have tried everything, maybe it’s time to factory reset your phone. Factory reset is a great way to improve the speed and overall performance of your Android Smartphone. A factory reset erases all the data, refreshes your device, and makes your device a new one in a few minutes. Before factory resetting your device, make sure to create a backup of all the important data.

I hope this blog helps you up with boosting the overall performance and speed of your Android Smartphone.

Thanks for reading!