Top Advantages of Shopify Chatbots and How to Use Them Effectively

When you hear the term chatbot, what do you understand it to be? If you’re not sure, here you go. According to Investopedia, chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence (AI), also known as chatterbots.

They’re commonly used as messaging apps. The tool acts on behalf of humans to communicate with customers conveniently.

Take an example when visitors check your website in the wee hours of the night. Who will welcome them when all your employees are at home and are offline?

If you don’t know about the automated computer program, you may wonder how such organizations manage to have employees staying online through the day and night. Statistics reveal that 52% of businesses use chatbots to welcome visitors to their websites.

The best thing about the bots is that it costs little to nothing to use it. Hence anyone can benefit from them. That’s why many businesses are now using chatbots in apps like Facebook messenger. They’re also using virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

Other common examples of chatbot tools include messaging apps like:

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat

The two ways that chatterbots tend to operate include:

  • The use of machine learning
  • Using set guidelines

How are Online Businesses Benefiting from Shopify Chatbots?

If you’re looking to grow your business, it helps to know that Shopify chatbot can do so much for you.

The computer program now appeals to many online businesses. Why? Because this form of AI technology is here to help enterprises streamline their sales process and offer better customer support.

Additionally, what the software can do for your business is incomparable to human effort.

Most businesses do not have the financial resources to keep employees that can work 24-hours in a day. This means that chatterbots have come in to work extraordinarily for businesses.

With the software in place, you can achieve much in your timeline. Your business can gain more returns than it would have working with human employees alone.

In fact, once you start using this incredible software to enhance your business, you’ll wonder how you survived without it in the first place.

Most eCommerce companies are using Shopify chatbots to do the following:

  • Collect the rich data found in Shopify to deliver personalized and timely information to potential customers.
  • Fulfill customers’ order status
  • Automate returns
  • Boost sales
  • Give refunds to customers in seconds
  • Provide other real-time solutions to existing customers’ needs

In short, Shopify helps businesses to scale the heights of success. They facilitate the building of strong customer relationships. The software also allows employees to spend less time on customer support.

Additionally, the chatterbot helps to answer customers’ questions as they try to make a purchase decision. Hence, it facilitates the conversion of potential customers to real ones. Fortunately, you can enjoy all these benefits from one business chat app.

Now, let’s find out how you can use Shopify chatbots effectively.

How Can You Use Shopify Chatbots Effectively?

1.  To Save A lot of Time By Giving Quick Customer Solutions

Presently, customers’ expectations continue to grow. Thus, the need for speed in handling customer issues is necessary.

The main reason why consumers choose chatbots is time-related. Online entrepreneurs now wish to reduce the waiting time by giving their visitors and customers instant answers.

Most of these entrepreneurs also want to save more time carrying out repetitive customer service jobs.

So, Shopify chatbots come to make work easier both for the customer and the organization.

The software can handle many customer issues or questions that would otherwise take customer service agents hours to solve over the phone. As a result, this helps save both the customer’s and your business team’s time.

2.  To Focus on Other Important Tasks

Chatbots will handle customer support questions timely. This means that your team has more free time to work on other creative organizational tasks that need complex solutions.

Hence, as an organization that uses chatterbots to automate customer services, you don’t have to do away with your entire customer service representatives.

Remember that even with chatbots working things out for you, there comes a time when customers need more complex help that requires human assistance.

There are some complicated customer issues that chatbots can’t handle. The software can best respond to the more predictable questions. On the other hand, humans are best left to address technical issues that need more thinking.

That’s why when it comes to the more complex customer questions, chatbots will direct them to human representatives. That way, customers will manage to speak with a live customer support agent who’ll offer the right solutions to their needs.

So, as technology gets better, chatbots will continue to help your team with more quick-to-fix tasks. In return, the human workforce can focus on other important issues like empathizing with a frustrated customer. The team will also take on more strategic roles such as:

  • Developing new workflows
  • Updating old documents
  • Writing new organizational content for customers’ knowledge base

What Other Advantages Come With Shopify Chatbots?

  • There’s a shortening of the sales cycle because customers can get what they need quickly.
  • You manage to get rid of purchasing obstacles. This is because the tool can handle customer’s questions and issues quickly and effectively.
  • Your eCommerce chatbot helps attract potential customers by using the language and tone that expresses your business loyalty. It’s necessary to know that shoppers enjoy buying from companies whose social presence and business philosophies meet their interests and values.
  • Provides excellent customer service that will help convert sales.
  • The chatbots help to enhance your brand’s reputation. Resolving customers’ issues and giving real-time answers will make clients love your brand and return for more. They can also refer more people to seek your services.


More Tips on How You Can Use Shopify Chatbots Effectively

  • Boost your organizational returns using chatbots to push deals and offers to the customers on demand
  • Let your chatbot help you recognize your website content’s keyword variations.
  • Use chatbots to take customer orders directly from Facebook messenger and comments.
  • Integrate the program with all your organization’s major payment systems.
  • Use chatbot software to support all your content management system (CMS) platforms.
  • Use the software to attract potential customers by creating a natural flow of conversation.
  • Approach all your customers in a friendly way using the chatbot.

Final Thoughts

For any online business, having a tool that can work on your behalf and attend to your customers every day of the week is incredible.

Statistics show that Americans enjoy shopping online rather than in physical stores. 51% go on to click and make immediate purchases.

Furthermore, 96% of Americans have made online purchases at least once in their lifetime. This means that the future market for online stores with chatbots is indeed bright.

Indeed, chatbots come as a lifesaver for businesses. The fact that the software works without time or location limitations is a huge advantage for online stores.

The ability to use the bot to customize messages directed to your customers will help your business retain loyal customers.

So, as you enjoy the benefits that come with chatterbots, remember to personalize your bot. That way, you will enjoy the services that you need.


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