3 cosmetic procedures for facial enhancement

Greek mythology is replete with numerous beautiful men and women with heavenly looks, and one name that stands apart is that of Helen of Troy. She was gorgeous and such was her attraction that even today, people fondly recall her ‘face that launched a thousand ships’ and triggered a war between Greece and Troy. Such is the power of a beautiful face to shake the world that women keep trying to improve their looks as much as possible by taking to cosmetic surgery.

Stories about Blake Lively cosmetic surgery is reverberating in the corridors of Hollywood as the actress is a live demonstration of the capabilities of cosmetic surgery is transforming the facial looks into an epitome of beauty. It is a normal human tendency to look beautiful, and women especially strive for better looks as they are never happy with the way they look.

All focus on the face

Nobody knows what constitutes a perfect face, but the desire to attain the ideal looks remains deeply embedded in women who never miss an opportunity of bettering any facial element.  Since the face is the most recognizable and identifiable part of the body that creates the most important first impression and leaves a substantial and long-lasting impact, it acquires maximum importance among all cosmetic improvements women typically consider. Moreover, the cosmetic procedures applied to the face are almost pain-free and noninvasive procedures that take less time and are pretty affordable.

Here are some of the facial cosmetic procedures that women typically consider.

  1. Facelift

A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that creates younger and youthful looks by tightening the facial skin and removing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other aging marks.  The process removes sagging skin and folds under the skin on the cheeks and jawline while taking care of the other changes that happen to your face due to age. During the procedure, the surgeon drags a skin flap on each side of the face and alters the tissues under the skin by using some minimally invasive surgical procedure to create a contour of the face that looks more youthful. Along with the facelift, the surgeon would extend the procedure to the neck, known as neck-lift, to maintain symmetry in the looks.

  1. Nose job

Technically known as Rhinoplasty, a nose job is a prevalent cosmetic surgical procedure that both men and women prefer to improve their looks by changing the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty can change all or any of the nose’s components comprising of bone and cartilage that forms the structure of the nose. It can also alter the size of the nose, which is often necessary to change the appearance of the nose. During the procedure, the surgeon might consider alterations in the skin of your nose to align it perfectly with the new shape.

  1. Brow lift

The brow lift procedure can correct sagging brows and forehead wrinkles by using surgical means to lift the brows and remove the forehead wrinkles by tightening the underlying tissues to restore a younger-looking and smoother brow line.

The surgery changes your facial appeal as you look more rested and relaxed.


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