5 Cool Technical Gadgets for your Holiday

holiday gadgets

The season for holidays is swinging. But you must really think about what to take with you before you go for a well-deserved rest. In addition to typical items ( e.g. papers, money, or sunscreens), you can even notice different devices, whether you intend to go to the mountains, pond, or shore. You can not only catch special moments or make your stay much more memorable, in a variety of memorable scenarios it will in most cases even become an indispensable aid.

In this article, we also give a summary, in addition to a cell phone or an action camera, of the devices and gadgets that people carry with them most frequently.


Music just Belongs to Relaxation

It’s an amazing opportunity to hear your favorite music during your walk on the mountain or the beautiful sunset on the shore. But selling sound headphones on the road certainly is worthwhile. Again, the resistance to water (or water resistance) and, in the case of swimming, water-resistance is something to think about.

If you don’t have a portable laptop or headphones and you want to enjoy listening to your favorite songs in full. Think again about waterproofness or at least water-resistance while preparing a party in the pool. The Sounder portable wireless speaker, for example, is robust enough to spray water, snow, and ashes.

Wireless speaker

Safety comes first – yours and your devices

It is certainly worthwhile considering that a telephone call to the rough rocks or to the sea is not twice as attractive if you are on the mountain and by sea for a break. Not every smartphone, camera, or computer is sufficiently robust, and the same is true in other situations.

The resistance of the electronics reveals the so-called IP security standard (within this data the difference between water resistance and water resistance should be taken into consideration). For eg, you want to take breathing shots right from the water, but your camera is not waterproof, you need to get a long-lasting cover. If you don’t want to fulfill your electronics’ standards.


Around the same time, a number of durable covers for telephones, action cameras, and other devices can be seen on the market. However, not every cover has the same security. Certain cases and cases are designed mainly to combat vibrations, some to prevent dust and other particles from entering, the best versions are all mixed.

We would recommend the inexpensive MadMan safety case for GoPro action cameras as an example of simple falls and scratches protection. It is vital that you remember, if you are planning a holiday by the sea, not just mechanical damage but water safety.

Luckily, there is nothing new and the option is currently large including waterproof and waterproof cases (for smartphones and action cameras). Checking whether the case suits a particular model of a phone or camera is often critical.

Afloat for a cell device or an action camera is a perfect tool for water recreation and games. It can happen if the electronics fall off your hand when you shoot or take pictures in the water. You know for sure the seconds and your preparedness. Nothing like that will happen to you with a float that you can buy in a hundred crowns.


Don’t forget Enough juice

Now, whilst it is necessary, we do not mean a drinking program. If you go to places in which you have access to electrical outlets, it is important to have the chargers (all equipment), travel adaptors, and outlet adapters. You would require an additional generator, an accumulator, a fuel bank, or a solar bank if you don’t reach the electrical supply.

power bank

If you fly an aircraft, though, be careful not to exceed 100 Wh for battery capacity. Lithium batteries are dangerous items and are thus subject to strict regulations for travel (including hand luggage).

An “Extensive Side” can be Useful

Additional attachments-typically separate tricycles, holders, or telescopic poles-are also needed for maximum grip. Lightweight telescopic trépods, which are appropriate for any case or bag, are perfect for transport.

Flexible tripods, which normally shape 3 small legs that can be bent if appropriate, are also functional. This allows them to be connected to any branch, fence, backpack loop, or any other irregular surface on which a traditional tripod does not exist. The comparatively cheap items include lightweight trucks and separate holds for tablet, action camera or video. Proven producers like Joby can be recommended.


Although the biggest boom in selfie sticks has already been done, it’s still a handy device that certainly will not be missed on vacation. In this situation, even though the rod is telescopic and preferably lightweight, it’s recommended that extra attention be paid. During a longer stroll, you can notice the lower weight, but still during the videos.

Use insects to fight

Sadly, the summer months hold some nuisance-irritating mosquitoes in comparison to the sun and refreshing by the streams. Mosquitoes, particularly if they break into a hotel room and do not let us sleep in the night, will make a restless vacation totally unpalatable. Thus, packing an effective insect repellent in a suitcase is not a smart idea. Normally, this is not a lucrative option, it will defend you from hundreds of awkward breaks.

Mobile applications can save your life

Wherever you are going, at least a few useful travel apps on your computer are undoubtedly a smart idea.

The most popular are maps (Google Maps, Agoda, Trivago, Airbnb, Park4night.com, iOverlander or CaraMaps), bookings and looking for plane tickets book and tour books (can be downloaded to iBook ks) and plane bookings traveler reviews (Tripadvisor), reviews of various places in cities (Yelp), search for connections and local transport (Moovit, Rome2rio), weather (YR, Windy ), translator (Google Translate),

Current exchange rates(Exchange rates) and definitely don’t forget about first aid – the Rescue application is popular, which works fully in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Austria and Hungary automatically dials 112 in other countries and sends current GPS coordinates and patient data. Some of these applications also work offline and many of them are free to download.


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