5 Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair

Loose Dutch Braids

If you have one of those busy days with no time to make your long hair, you don’t need to sweat over it. You could do long hair in a matter of minutes to save time and transform the frizzy hair into a non-basic beauty look. There are several simple ways you can try that you will be out in no time. While they may take some time for beginners, these methods will become simple once you perfect them.

With almost endless styling opportunities for long hair, here are some of the easiest hairstyles for your long hair.

1. Slicked back pony

Slicked back pony

Anyone can easily create this sleek ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle is popular with celebrities because of its elegance and boldness. If you want a style that can go from day to night in an instant, go for the slicked-back ponytail. Before making this hairstyle, start by ironing the hair from roots to ends.

When making this hair, start with clean hair and use a bristle brush to smooth strands. Smooth the front and sides as you brush your hair back. While holding your hair with your right hand, apply some rizos curls hair gel-serum on the hair, starting half an inch back from your hairline.

Using a bungee hair tie, secure your pony by inserting a hook into the top center of your ponytail. The bungee allows you to pull the hair up without transferring your ponytail to each hand. Last, polish up your pony by wrapping it around the bungee to conceal its appearance for a pulled-together look.

2. Rope braid ponytail

Everyone loves a gorgeous ponytail, and this style adds more character to it. Create this two-strand braid by twisting your hair in one direction and wrapping the two sections together in the opposite direction. It forms a strong braid that you can wear as a ponytail style or twisted around into two buns. Anyone can do the ponytail for an impressive look.

When making this hairstyle, start by smoothing the hair into a high ponytail and use an elastic to secure the hair. After that, split the pony into separate strands and twist each section to the right. Take each twist and form the rope twist braid by crossing the right area of the hair’s left section. Once you have twisted the sections to the right and wrapping them to the left, secure them with an elastic.

The unique old-school hairstyle has been seen with celebrities such as Beyonce and the Kardashians. It is one of the smoothest styles but looks pretty in the end. This hairstyle is both simple and cute, making it perfect for a fun day at school. You can also substitute braids with twists and have a pretty style for any activity.

3. Twisted bun

Twisted bun

This is a simple DIY you can try on those frizzy, second-day hair days. It creates beautiful curly hair that is perfect for creating a neat, everyday updo even after washing your hair. You don’t have to worry about getting an ideal twisted bun as it is okay to be messy.

Start by clipping up the hair’s top section from the top of your ear into twists. Hold the hair across the top of your head using bobby pins to form a bun and secure it in place. Once you have the bun in place, unclip the top section of your hair to create a side part and twist the top right side. On the left side, split the hair into two and twist the lower section back around your bun and over the top.

If the hair is too long, you can do a ponytail first, then twist it up into a bun. You will have your twisted bun hairstyle within a short time. You can wear the twisted bun to work or weekend lunches when you need your hair off the neck.

4. French twist pony

French twist pony

This is an effortless hairstyle and a fun variation of the classic French twist style. It is an excellent choice for long hair and will bring out a comfortable and beautiful style for any occasion. You make this style by twisting your hair up into a French roll and putting a pin in the hair to keep it in place.

Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and wrap it around your pointer finger. Next, twist your hair up by turning your pointer finger, then take the pin of your Flexi clip and slide it across the scalp from one side to the other. Ensure you attach the pin through the loop to hold the pony tight.

The beautiful and comfortable hair can work for both long and medium-length hair. It is quick and easy to make if you have the correct hair clip. The French twist pony is one of the easiest long hairstyles you can make. It is comfortable and lasts all day without a single bobby pin.

5. Loose Dutch Braids

Loose Dutch Braids

You need to do this hairstyle on both sides of the head. The Dutch braids differ from French-braiding though it is done in the same way as a French braid. Cross strands under instead of over each other when making the braid on long hair.

This is the perfect hairstyle when you want your hair out of your face. It is an excellent choice for any long hair, whether straight or wavy. Though this style works on dry hair, it is perfect for wet hair. The hair is lighter at the ends than the roots, adding more texture.

When making this hairstyle, start with the center-parted hair and brush out any tangles for easier braiding. You can make the braids on dry or damp hair provided you brush and free any knots. Apply dry shampoo to the loose strands and ensure you get the product into the roots.

Ensure the hair is as straight as possible, then vertically part your hair into two sections down the middle from your head. Braid each section of the hair by taking a tiny section of hair from the top corner and split into three sections. Weave each section together while adding a small amount of hair from both sides of the braid to add fullness. Keep weaving the hair under the strands until you form the braids.

The Bottom Line

If you are constantly throwing your hair into a mess, the five easy hairstyles can get you ready for an impromptu assignment. Today, people don’t have time to spend on their hair because of their busy lifestyles. You can do these simple hairstyles in less than five minutes. With a bit of practice, you can perfect these methods.


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