7 Best Ideas To Fasten Roof Rack On Your SUV

Roof Rack On Your SUV

If you have got your new SUV or want to make your SUV a more convenient and free space, a roof rack can work great for you. Roof racks have come into attention a lot these days. Irrespective of what car you own, you can install a roof rack without much hassle. They are available for many popular SUVs nowadays.

The Landrover roof rack, one of the finest examples, comes with great loading capacity and advanced facilities. If you want to upgrade your SUV with a roof rack, these seven unique methods will help you get it done in the right way.

1. Pay Extra Mind to Heavy-Weight Equipment on Your Rack.

You can dive into many creative ideas further. But before everything, you must watch the load of your luggage that comes with heavy gears. So, to avoid overloading your rack, you can compare the loading capacity of your rack with the weight of your luggage.

Consider a few sets of luggage that you have decided to load up on your rack. Then measure their weight and add up to get the total weight of your rack luggage. If the number exceeds the load your SUV rack can take, reduce the luggage amount.

As per surveys, overloading SUV roof racks can result in dangerous and costly consequences. If required, repeat the same tactic for every trip to ensure more convenience and safety.

Pay Extra Mind

2. Use a Measuring Tape to Find the Perfect Position.

When you fasten your roof rack to your SUV, finding the perfect position is significant. If you do not place it in the correct position, it can quickly lose balance when you are on the go. So, the best approach is to keep a measuring tape handy. This will help you spot the perfect position and fasten your SUV symmetrically.

Using a measuring tape will help you fasten your roof rack right at the center of your SUV rack. It will eliminate the risks of imbalance and allow you and other passengers to reach the rack whenever needed quickly.

3. Use High-Quality Ropes and Straps

The straps and ropes you use to fasten your SUV racks will play a key role in ensuring convenience and safety in your roof rack use. Using good-quality ropes and straps is a great idea to drive peacefully while you load any item and fasten your roof rack to your SUV. You can get unique straps that people use for fastening roof racks to their cars. These come in excellent quality, assure safety, and are so durable that you can use them many times.

Use High-Quality Ropes

4. Secure Your Overhang

Another unique and feasible idea is to pop the roof rack’s hood and drop it in the temporary hood straps. This idea applies to any luggage that you carry on your SUV roof rack. This approach will make the fastening more secure and robust.

Other than that, you can also permanently mount the straps under the fender bolt. Put the strap or just run a rope around and through them as you are done. Ensure you snug the cinch appropriately to avoid any upward movements and make sure that it does not bend the hood down simultaneously.

5. Follow the Specific Manufacturer Guides while Fastening

The foremost mistake that people make is not to pay attention to the instructions that the manufacturer gave. As per user’s reviews, even if you are an expert at DIY roof rail installation, each SUV and its roof racks come with unique features. Not abiding by those instructions can lead to more significant risks.

The first thing you can do is have your instruction book or manual open in front of you when you fasten your roof rack to your SUV. If you are still confused, you should get in touch with your manufacturer immediately rather than guesswork. Applying this idea is even more critical if you are a newbie to fastening your roof rack.

6. Use the Rails to Your SUV for Light-Weighted Items

Not every time, you will need to carry heavy-weighted items like vehicles or equipment. People often move up their car gears to get extra space in their SUV or go to the beach with their skateboard. In these cases, you can only use the roof rails. The roof rail fastening is just a little different than full rack fastening. All you require is a pair of crossbars. Perhaps, your automaker comes with crossbars that are available for your specific rack model.

SUV for Light-Weighted

7. Install Raised Roofs for Fastening the Bigger Items to the Roof Rack.

When your car already has raised racks like minivans and SUVs, the procedure is almost done and will vary slightly. For this particular method, the foot pack shall come in two individual pieces. One piece shall fit above the rail, and the other one will fit at the bottom. This shall sandwich the crossbar. The raised roofs offer more security. Hence, if you carry big and heavy load equipment, this idea will make things much more manageable, smooth, and risk-free for you.


Roof racks are beneficial for the ones who drive up and down places with gears and equipment. A lot of people traveling with families and require space in their SUVs are investing in roof racks. But the key to using them at your best is in how wisely and perfectly you fasten them. The above ideas are convenient ways to fasten the roof rack on your car-top and wise approaches to ensure high safety.


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