Apple Revealed FaceTime is Going to Work on PCs and Android Devices

After the iOS 14 launch, Apple added new features in FaceTime to improve the user’s experience. After switching from iOS 14 to iOS 13, iPhone owners got the opportunity to use apps while in a FaceTime call. Apple also got an immense appreciation for adding the banner in FaceTime.

Additionally, in iOS 14, the users got a feature to make group video calls by connecting iPhones with Siri. Apple also made significant improvements in the video quality of FaceTime. And, these sorts of advanced features have attracted millions of iOS users to this app. FaceTime has become the most used video calling app during this global pandemic.

Do you know that 20 million people use FaceTime to connect with their friends? Yes! Moreover, Apple keeps on updating FaceTime’s features to enhance the video calling experience. Recently, during the WWDC event, Apple announced a few more features that are going to be on FaceTime. Based on their statements, along with iPhones, the users can use FaceTime on their PCs. But, you should have the latest computer to access this video calling app.

Additionally, Android users can also join in a FaceTime meeting without any hassle. And, there are a few more features that Apple has included in the latest version of FaceTime. Do you have any idea about those? No! Here, we have compiled the exclusive features that the iPhone or iPad users will get after the iOS 15 launch:

1. Make a FaceTime Meeting Link

Earlier, FaceTime was available for iPhone, iPad and iMac users. But, after its massive popularity, Apple thought about launching FaceTime on Android devices. Additionally, Windows 10 PC users can also attend the FaceTime meeting.

But, this app won’t be available either in PlayStore or Windows Store. To get into the online meetings, you will need an iPhone user’s help. Once they create the meeting link, they will send that to the non-Apple users. After tapping on that link, you can join with the other members.

How can you create the FaceTime link? Consider following these steps for hassle-free link generation:

  • After opening FaceTime, look for the “Create Link” option and give that a name.
  • Choose the members whom you want to send the FaceTime link.
  • Right after that, opt for selecting the messaging platform from where you want to send the links.

You can also send the FaceTime meeting link via emails, Twitter and from other different apps. Once the Android or PC users click on that link, they will be directed to a web application. From there, you can discuss the essential aspects of the business. Many users have reported that this web application is automatically getting closed. If you experience that, contact a web development service expert immediately.

2. Share the Screen with SharePlay

Have you heard about this FaceTime feature before? With SharePlay, you can stream online content sharing the iPhone screen. Moreover, iOS users can even share their favourite TV shows with this feature.

Along with Apple Music and Apple TV, SharePlay will work on a few more streaming platforms. And, these include Disney Plus, Twitch, Hulu and Paramount. Though Apple didn’t reveal anything else about this FaceTime feature, you might expect to have SharePlay in NetFlix and YouTube in the coming days.

Additionally, Apple has added a “Smart Volume” option in this feature. With this option, you can adjust the video call’s sound automatically. You can also pause, start or play the shared content anytime with SharePlay. Tap on the “Share time”’ option if you want to listen to the same Apple Music’s playlist with a person.

Are you stuck in a problem while designing the website? Share the screen with an expert and get an instant solution. Moreover, many beginners are taking advantage of SharePlay to explore new things. With the emergence of this feature, working in a remote environment has become easier.

3. Reduce the Background Sound with Spatial Audio

In June 2021, Apple stated that a new audio feature is going to be there in FaceTime. And, with this audio isolation function, remove the unwanted sound from the background. During the online conference, Apple shared a video where a person used a noisy mixer while on a call. After activating this feature, no such mixer sound was heard from that shared video.

Moreover, the prime goal of Apple was to improve both the audio quality and clarity with spatial

audio. Consider using this new feature if you have to FaceTime in a crowded place. Don’t have an iPhone XR or XS? Then, unfortunately, you can’t use this feature. Because spatial audio is only available on the iPhones with A12 Bionic.

4. Take advantage of Portrait Mode

After the iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 update, you will get a new video feature in FaceTime. You might have earlier used Portrait Mode in Zoom or Skype. However, FaceTime’s Portrait Mode works differently from the other video calling applications. With this feature, you can blur the background of the place where you are.

Active Portrait Mode to get extra focus on your face while on a FaceTime call. But, where do you find this exclusive FaceTime feature? You won’t directly find this feature in this Apple-generated video chatting application. For that, it’s important to first make a FaceTime call. Once the other iOS user accepts the video request, look for the “your video view” option. And, when the screen expands, opt for choosing the “Portrait Mode” option.

But, currently, this feature works in a few iPhone and iPad models, those are:

  • iPhone XS Series
  • 8th-Generation iPad
  • iPhone 11 Series
  • iPad Pro (2021)
  • iPhone 12 Series
  • iPad Air
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • And, in 11th and 12.9-inch iPad Pro

What are the Other Features You Might Expect to Have in FaceTime?

You can now add more than 32 participants on a group FaceTime call. However, this feature might not be available in certain regions or countries. Thus, if you can’t find this group-calling facility in FaceTime, make sure to update the iOS first.

Right after that check whether this new Apple service is available in your country. Apple has also introduced “Grid View” in FaceTime for a better screen adjustment. So, get the iOS 15 update and explore FaceTime’s cross-platform availability now.


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