How Can An HRMS Software Improve Employee Workflow?

The human resource is the most crucial asset for any organization irrespective of its size or type. Hence, employers need to manage their workforce efficiently to increase their efficiency, profitability, and productivity. Traditional human resource processes are repetitive, manual, and time-consuming which will be a hindrance to your business growth. The human resource management software […]


The Philosophical, Mathematical, Psychological, And Linguistic Foundations Of Artificial Intelligence

It is said that artificial intelligence is in a juvenile stage of development. However, the level of maturity it has attained in a short period of time can be attributed to the incorporation of viewpoints from the disciplines of philosophy, mathematics, logic, probability, computation, psychology as well as decision sciences. In addition to this, the […]

Cyber Security

How to Audit Cyber Security?

An audit is an independent examination of the present state of anything. An auditor is a person who performs the task of an audit. The auditor uses the concept of professional skepticism to perform various audits. Independent examination of a business’s cybersecurity is known as cybersecurity audit. A cybersecurity audit helps to understand that the […]