Getting the best Android tablet can be a lot tricky because Android offers the most flexibility in hardware selections. As a result, there’s a whole world of options out there for you, and getting the best depends on what you want and how well you can make the decision.

To help you in selecting an affordable yet high performing Android tablet in Canada,  we’ve put together a guide that covers all of the Android tablets worth your consideration. This selection ranges from Samsung’s excellent Galaxy Tab line to Amazon’s Fire tablets, which run a variation of Android.

Things to consider when selecting an affordable and high-performance Android tablet

There are always controversies on cheaper products, especially when there is a costly counterpart. So it’s essential to identify where the corners have been cut and whether those things matter to you or not. Even when you’ve got all that matters to you in an Android phone, be it the battery, screen or portability, you still need to ensure that the tablet performs well. Here are a few tips to guide you on that.

  • Make inquiries about the Software

The manufacturers of Android tablets rarely use the latest version of the Operating System, and their software upgrades are always less common. Although most Android smartphones come with Android 11, it isn’t easy to find tablets running them. Hence it is advisable to skip over any tablet running any operating system older than Android 10. The only exception to this, however, is Amazon’s Fire lineup.

This is because Amazon and a few other manufacturers like to put their spin on Google’s OS, adding a bevvy of features, new app stores, and completely revamped user interfaces. All of these features allow a high performance like every other tablet with Android 11 and above.

  • Functioning Application

Android is home to many great apps, though there are far fewer tablet-specific versions than you’ll find on Apple’s App Store, and they tend to be updated less frequently. So if you are considering buying an Android tablet, you should ensure suitable applications are running on it and have good performances.

  • Is it a Cellular or Wi-Fi Tablet

All of the major Android offers a small selection of cellular-enabled tablets. It’s easy to find them on promotion when you’re upgrading your plan or bundled with a new smartphone purchase. Many people, especially travellers and car commuters, will find cellular connectivity to be a must. If you’re the type that primarily uses your tablet for streaming online at home or in the office, getting a Wi-Fi tablet will save you some money.

Most carriers allow you to use your phone as a hotspot for those times when you’re not close to Wi-Fi, and many newer cars have LTE connectivity built-in for road trips as well. But you need to know that using your hotspot will quickly burn through your phone battery irrespective of solid battery life.

  • Go for a Good Design

Whatever your choice is when selecting an Android tablet, you must get a good design. Imagine having a tablet with high performance but poorly built? Holding or usage would become challenging and less satisfying. It is possible to upgrade to an Android OS. It is even possible to get more applications on your tablet but what won’t change, however, is the body build and design. So think twice before buying a tablet with a flimsy plastic body.

Selected Android tablets you should consider

Having read through the guide above, here are some android tablets you may consider on your next purchase. They include Samsung Galaxy Tab A7,  Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite,  Amazon Fire 10 HD,  Amazon Fire 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite.

However, the Galaxy Tab A7 is the best Android tablet for a variety of reasons. At least, it is a hundred dollars cheaper than the iPad and has good battery life, unlike the hyper-affordable Amazon Fire 7. It features all the apps you could ask for. Plus, it’s got super-thin bezels that make most other tablets at this price look chunky. The Galaxy Tab S7 is the big upgrade model with many more perks. All of these are available on our website. Visit ISPEKTRUM for your purchase and recommendations


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