What is Facebook marketing and how to use it for business?

Facebook marketing


Facebook has many users, around 2.85 billion. However, most Facebook users are on the platform only to stay connected to friends and family or to create community through groups and pages regarding specific topics, people, interests, and work.

We are almost unaware that Facebook is a platform that approves ads and promotes business. Therefore, using Facebook, one can market certain businesses or products. This article will give you some insight into what Facebook marketing is and to what extent you can use it to expand your business.

What Is Facebook Marketing?

Let me be ridiculously straightforward; Facebook Marketing is marketing done on Facebook. But you have to be aware of Facebook’s unique qualities that separate it from the other social media platforms. If used properly, any business, big or small, can profit from Facebook Marketing.

Different Ways To Use Facebook Marketing

There are various ways to implement Facebook for marketing. I have given some tips for you to get started and use Facebook’s marketing tools in practical ways.

Business Page

Facebook pages are a very potent marketing tool. Facebook pages get tons of shares on their posts, and the users frequently stay active. If you can capitalize on this tendency, you can put a Facebook page to use for marketing.

Facebook pages can identify themselves by listing product offerings or services and by sharing images, posts, and links. This gives a better explanation of the business’s personality.

Facebook is a platform where people get a little more intimate. So don’t hold yourself back to be a bit more humorous as the connection with your audience matters when you are marketing business on Facebook.

Customize your business advertisements with funny memes and short videos that entertain your audience while doing the marketing alongside.

Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook ads to boost your marketing. Facebook offers ads in your video posts that you can include for increasing website clicks. There are some features of Facebook advertising that you must know-

  • Facebook has the ability to set budgets.
  • Facebook compares ad designs and setup by ad testing, in which it can run versions of an ad.
  • Facebook has measurement tools for ad performance.
  • Facebook helps in local business by advertising for your own area.

Using Facebook advertisements for getting likes can be helpful, as it creates awareness about your business, which may result in a community of customers in the long term.

Host Facebook Contests

Run Facebook content and promote products and businesses to get more attention on Facebook and create a buzz about your business. It is an excellent strategy for building brand awareness.

Be careful during the conduction of a Facebook contest. Always use a third-party app while creating the Facebook contest; later, you can drive the users to the app straight from their Facebook pages. You will find many free as well as paid tools and apps for hosting such Facebook contests. You can opt for either Shortstack or Pagemmoto as free tools.

Boost Facebook Posts

Using Facebook pages for marketing is primarily about creating brand awareness. But if your posts fail to reach the audience, then that goal remains incomplete. But you can reach your audience through the paid promotion of specific posts on your page. Click the button beneath any of the posts on your page to give it a boost through paid promotion.

Other Important Factors

  • Set a goal about your yearly or half-yearly increment in business while using Facebook or other platforms for marketing your business. You will find this helpful while analyzing the growth of your business.
  • Stay active on your page if you want to promote your business through Facebook’s business marketing tools. Post regularly and keep interacting with your audience.
  • Try to be friendly with your Facebook audiences. On Facebook, everyone looks for a familiar, intimate face. If you could provide your audience with a Facebook persona that they can like and trust, they are sure to stay engaged with you and do business with you.
  • Use Facebook Insights and learn about your customers. Learning about your Facebook friend circle and having insight into their interests will benefit you to target them as potential customers. You can determine what type of products you can sell to them if you use Facebook insights.


Digital business marketing has many platforms, and there is a tough competition for Facebook on this matter. But all you need is smart and effective tools and strategies to surpass your business competitors while doing business marketing. And you can also make that happen on Facebook. This article contains only those smart and effective strategies for you to get going.


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