LESCO electricity unit price in Pakistan


According to the latest information, LESCO electricity unit price in Pakistan has increased the electricity unit for home uses and commercial while they have a free hand to the farmers. lesco online bill check through their official website link and also check their per unit price. Moreover, people are looking at the current price of the LESCO unit that is going to mention in below. Further LESCO Company has decided the criteria of the tariff and the administration will make the electricity bill according to criteria. On the other hand, this is the basic need for all people while the major part of industries depends on electricity. But when they will increase the tariff of electricity per unit then they will disturb. Besides they are giving the concession to the farmers who are using for electricity tube well. Further info about LESCO electricity unit price in Pakistan is going listed below.

LESCO electricity unit price in Pakistan

Current Unit Price 20.84 Rupees

LESCO has increased the per-unit price of electricity is 2.69 rupees. While if we are discuss the previous tariff then the per-unit price is 18.15 rupees. Now, the current price of LESCO Electricity per unit price is 20.84. On the other hand, if you use the 700 above unit then they will charge 22.65 rupees per unit.

During peak hours they change the tariff rate for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial. While the timing of the peak hour is 5 PM to 11 PM. On the other hand, after the increase in the tariff of the electricity, the price of the bill has increased and people are worried. Meanwhile, the government has increased too much tariff of the commercial units while the economy of Pakistan is more than 70 depending on electricity because almost all the industries run on electricity.

Past few years’ governments allow the electricity to the agriculture sectors and thousands of people have installed turbines but when initially they were allowed then given the electricity at a cheap rate but with the passage of time they are giving the electricity at high tariffs. Same as it LECSO management has closed all discounts for industrial units and they will pay the regular tariff who are paying other people. All the information regarding LESCO electricity unit price in Pakistan is mentioned while if you want to get more information than visit the official page of LESCO. In addition, if they give a new statement about them then we will update this page. You can also check the pesco bill online .


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