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Live Casino – what is it that attracts players? Every year the online casino industry finds what innovations to surprise its audience. A few years ago, fans of gambling began to be offered the game live casino online – a new format that gives genuine emotions and the most realistic process. What are notable games with a live dealer and how to play them correctly?


Classic gambling with a real dealer is a pleasure that, until relatively recently, was not available to all of us. First, in most CIS countries real gambling halls have long been (and in some places still are) under a ban. Gaming zones are also not a very good option, because you have to travel far. And even if the establishment would be under your house and work without any obstacles – it’s still not for everyone. Everyone understands that the trip to the ground institution is a process, which in some respects is obligatory.

In this respect, online establishments have helped out. Many areas of human activity (especially the entertainment industry) over time inevitably go online. And this format has successfully competed with the real one since its inception, and then significantly squeezed the gambling that takes place in reality.

And parda, online casino games with live dealer is much easier and more convenient. Moreover, it is more accessible. But the main plus is that on the internet you are not limited to the range. You don’t need the physical presence of a machine near you to play an online slot. So it comes out that you can do anything at an online casino. Today you can run the old-fashioned Books, and tomorrow you can play a new slot machine from some cutting-edge provider. and so on. The choice is huge.


What’s more, technology doesn’t stand still. It manifests itself in the gambling industry very clearly, take for example the progress in the quality of modern slot machines. Behind this development, there are new solutions that go beyond the usual framework. One of them is live dealer casinos online.

The live casino game was once invented for the sake of socialization lovers. The process of getting used to virtual establishments as an alternative to land-based ones happened gradually. And for many a stumbling block in this matter was socialization. Supposedly, if you come to the hall – you communicate, see others and show yourself, play on real equipment and with live dealers. On the online, all of this is not there. Or rather, there wasn’t! Until the casinos with live dealers on the Internet. Because online live casino games have closed this issue, giving lovers of gambling new technological possibilities.


So how does live casino gaming work and what can you expect from it? For example, online roulette with live dealers, one of the most popular live casino pastimes, is ideal.

So, a live casino dealer is a real person who spins real roulette. Sometimes he even sits in a real gambling house and not in a live studio, but it doesn’t matter. The task of a casino with a live dealer is to give you an exact reproduction of the classic gameplay, only online. So, you see a live dealer live, and everything on the other side of the screen happens in real-time. The dealer, on the other hand, only sees your actions and your image at the table but has no video link back to you.

Every bet you make and every raise you make is displayed on the dealer’s screen. Well, whether to share your emotions – you decide. To do this, there is an online chat room where you can write to the dealer, as well as other players.

Perhaps the greatest socialization in a live casino is blackjack. While roulette can be played by an unlimited number of players, only up to 6 people can sit at the blackjack table. Playing blackjack at the live casino in roubles. you will take a seat at the virtual table with other fans of gambling. This will maintain the classic sequence of moves and you’ll see the actions of your neighboring fans of chance. The dealer will communicate with each piece by piece and outline the overall picture at the table, which creates an indescribable atmosphere of overall fun. In this respect, live casino games are no worse than land-based ones.


The choice of games in the live dealer casino category is quite large. In this industry, there are more and more gambling figures and draw their giants. The same online roulette with a live dealer is available in the portfolio of several dozen global vendors. And casino entertainment with live dealers is doing more and more, in different parts of the world.

The most in-demand casino games with a live dealer are made by Ezugi and Evolution. These providers, who have taken a vector specifically for the production of live casino models online, and did not go wrong. These products you’ll find in any casino with live dealers if any are provided. Branded live dealer casino games will exceed your expectations, both in terms of process and payoff.


Are online casinos live legal in India?

The law we mentioned above prohibits running and visiting gambling establishments, but it does not say a word about online casinos. Purely technically, online betting platforms are located outside India’s borders, which allows them to circumvent this law. In addition, no Indian resident has ever been prosecuted by the law for online casino live. In fact, the question is debatable, but the answer is more likely to be yes than no.


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